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I do have other characters, but they're mostly anonymous due to them being made specifically for each writer/plot. But the ones that are Public are free game.

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Writing Rules
I shouldn't have to say this, but for the love of all things holy. No minors. I'm 21 years old and expect only people 18+ in my inbox.

I write in 2-3 paragraph bunches. Sometimes more, Sometimes less. It all depends on my mood and what's going on in my life.

I love dark, angsty, mature themed roleplays. I can look into other genres if that's your forte, but I find some of the other classic genres (ie, slice of life. Super vanilla stuff) rather boring. Especially if there was no build up to said Super soft vanilla stuff.

In terms of romance, since my main characters are usually always male (Whether they be Cis or Trans.) It would be MxM.

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