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Hello! I joined this site a while ago looking or new places to roleplay but never ended up setting up my profile or getting things going, but now I'm ready to give this place a shot and hopefully get some great stories going!

I have been roleplaying for as long as I can remember. I first got started on this silly site called Creature Breeder where it was a constant battle with mods who didn't want to deal with a roleplay community on their site and after a while the community split and went else where, so I started roleplaying on Mibba from there and have also done some through Google Hangouts and email and basically any other source I could find, and now I'm here!

When I first started roleplaying it was mostly characters from books I had read, or anime I had watched, but now I prefer using only original characters.

Most of my characters are LGBTQIA+ so please don't get upset if I say I'm not interested in playing a straight relationship with certain characters!

My username is definitely a bit edgier than I had really meant for, so that's my bad, haha, but I adore angsty plots that involve hurt/comfort elements to it. The hurt of a character going through something hard and having their lover help them through it and growing together as they recover is an element that I just love, but I might eventually change my username if I continue to feel like it's too cringey.

I love fantasy roleplays, especially ones that involve elves, but I'm also a sucker for twisting fairytales and angel/demon roleplays. Slice of life roleplays can be fun, but I do enjoy some elements of excitement to them otherwise I get bored. Omegaverse is another dynamic that I love playing around with. I try to keep an element of romance in all of my roleplays, simply because that's what keeps me interested. I love exploring different types of characters and seeing how their chemistry is with my partner's character and see where things can go.

I am in my 20's, so I only roleplay with people over the age of 18, but tend to feel more comfortable with other writers who are in their twenties or older.

Ideally my partners will be able to write 2+ paragraphs with each reply and include decent details. If there's not detail then I probably won't find as much motivation to reply. I prefer third person roleplaying, but don't mind second person either, no first person please. I like to find partners with writing styles similar to my own, but I know that can be tricky, so sometimes we might just need to go for a trial period and see if we mesh well and go from there.

I don't get upset over rejection, so if you're not into a plot or lose interest, please don't hesitate to let me know and we can either restructure our roleplay or part ways, no hurt feelings. I would much rather have an honest and open discussion and leave things on good terms than be ghosted, and I'm sure my partners feel the same way, so I will do my best to be open as well.

I feel like this is a decent little intro into me, but please don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions or are interested in roleplaying! I can't wait to get into some great plots here and hopefully make some friends!

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