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Name?-I go by on online as: Puffs, Puffy, PuffyMarshmallow and Eggs or Eggy!

B-Day? -Feb, 3rd.

Gender? -Girl.

Fav color? -Any pastels work with me, and holos!

Likes? -Country Humans, Furries(Im a furry!), Drawing, Animating, Making new friends, listening to music, chilling with friends and family, playing video games with my sis, sleeping and laying in bed, LIFE WITH BORIS ( Slav King is best youtube uwu ), TF2 >:3 ( I say i'm either a scout or spy main )

Dislikes? -Losing people close, doing more work then I can handle, being in big crowds with people I don't know, comments that are rude and have no help at all, being in drama and arguments that are dumb, being left behind.

Fav Rp's?-I say fluffs and lemons are my favs, and I really really LUV TF2 rps ( especially with my ocs uwu )

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