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Well hello there! You can call me Rao! I’m a long time casual RPer who has been searching for a good site to use for a long time. I think I always knew about RPR (is this an acronym y’all use when describing the site?) but its size and use of an inventory always intimidated me and made me hang back. Not any more though!

Currently I’m rapidly approaching my college graduation so I’m pretty busy IRL and am giving this site only some attention right now but I’m hoping to get more involved once things calm down.

I’ll add more info here soon but for now here’s a few things about me:

-I adore writing fan fiction to the point I’ve created entirely new universes for characters that went from OCs to standalone. Roleplaying within a fandom is a guilty pleasure of mine.

-I’m only interested in playing with other adults and adult characters. I’m just more comfortable that way.

-I love to quote Ross’s Game Dungeon, that’s not really important but I thought I’d share.

-More later.

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