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Howdy, call me whatever you like, as long as I know it's me you are referring to, im all good!

I live in Texas, I play a lot of Apex Legends, Dragon's Dogma and Dragon Age. I also sleep an unreasonably large amount of the day away because I work nights!

As for rp, I cannot deny the attraction to romance plots, but I despise smut heavy anything if I'm being perfectly honest. I'll play it to an extent, but if a partner tries to push the plot in the direction of constant smut despite my warnings I will drop contact suddenly and without further warning.

Plot is my favorite, especially characters. My worlds tend to start as character ideas that I then build the world around. I also enjoy fandoms, but will never play as a canon character.

I love groups, and roleplays of the "party of young adventurers" style most of all.

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