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" I'm a s a t e l l i t e; Drifting through your nova at the speed of light "
Celestial Soulmate | Sputnik Sweetheart
Queen of Space Oddity | My every Blood Moon | Echoic Brotha

" to the moon and never back "
[ Seinfeld | Plaza | Black Atlass ]

If you want to say hi, please feel free to do so; We’re both looking at the same sky.

Rave Reviews

Hey baby! You complete me. Without you, I don't know what I would do. You're the other part of my brain, you know? We don't work without each other, baby ♥︎ She's an amazing person with great skills in roleplaying and has some awesome characters that you can only love. So write her a message and you'll see that for yourself. - Mariie
This girl is my rock and I love her so much. I really couldn't live a day without her, because she is so much to me. She's my best friend and the girl who makes be laugh and feel good, when I'm sad. She might be a bit crazy sometimes, but that makes her so special. I love spending time with her and talking to her. She is the best and a lovely person and her roleplaying skills? Gard, they're amazing and so are her characters. To know is girl is a gift. - Mariie

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