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So howdy, since you're here you probably want to read a little about me. I've been roleplaying for over a decade now, starting with Furcadia. My name's Robyn and I like to think I'm pretty friendly, so please feel free to drop me a message. ^_^ Dancer, animal lover, runner, and a big fan of anime and cosplay as events allow. As the groups probably suggest, I also love storytelling. It's so wonderful to reveal those surprising twists and turns that inspires and excite players. Here are my current groups, all of which are medieval fantasy.

Akuma Residence, a crazy household for family antics. Opened on 9/27/19. (Comedy, slice of life. Closed until further notice.)

Eldrenae Academy, a famous but private school training young Mages. (Adventure, magic.)

The Empress, the quest is on when mysterious storms and corrupted wildlife threaten the once peaceful land...where true allies and revealed enemies are made known. (Combat, adventure, mystery.)

I often have several plots going with the same character for fun variety. So if you see a character and have an interesting idea? Gimme! I'm always looking for new plot, darker themes included. I'm a big 'ol para-roleplayer and adore offering detail in every scene. Let's create something amazing together!




Tanbarune is an entire fantasy-Kingdom that I developed from scratch. There are all kinds of active plots throughout the diverse land, from the enjoyable comedic variety, to chaotic and unpredictable adventures. Feel free to open it up in another tab to see the full view! <3
(Created on 22/04/16.)


Running two roleplay communities takes far more time than most may originally think. So with this in mind, please be patient with me. It may take a little time for me to return personal messages. Thank you! ^-^

What running two groups looks like:

Rave Reviews

Allora (played by Robyn)
A lovely person to roleplay with! Her character is absolutely adorable too! - Kieva
Carabia (played by Robyn)
She adds just the right amount of levity and charm to any RP without derailing the tone. Playing a younger character can be a challenge, but she takes to it well without resorting to overplayed archetypes and cliche's. Roleplaying with her is a delight! - mms88

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