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Uh, hi?
I have no idea what to put here.
If you made it to this page, I assume you worked pretty hard to look me up, so good job!
I'm a dude, I work insane hours, And I make a bunch of weird & strange characters. Feel free to torture message me on any one of them.
I'm super friendly, I promise.

↓↓↓ I do arts. Look at it here. ↓↓↓

-Commission Info!-

Rave Reviews

Rootwork is a multi-talented individual who I feel flies under the limelight despite needing to be in the center of it. He is both a talented artist and writer. He crafts amazing characters and can bring them to life both visually with art and in the written word. If you haven't had the chance to interact with Rootwork I highly recommend you do so, whether it is to strike a friendly conversation, commission some art of your characters or roleplay. You won't regret it. Creative ideas - Caitlin

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