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A bit about me

** I am a working mother, so I have a full time job and a kid who always comes first. I enjoy Roleplay but keep my familial obligations in mind if you strike a plot with me!
** I am a huge Otaku ... not to be confused with weeb, I do not walk about spouting random Japanese phrases, but I do love me some Anime!
** I enjoy anything Fantasy, most sci-fi and have played more than my fair share of MMOs!
** I am pretty friendly, though I can be sarcastic at times and make some non-PC jokes. If I ever cross a line with you, please just be an adult and kindly tell me!

My Favorite People! (In no particular order)
Cherry Pepsi

Want to RP? Great! But please consider these first
This is probably my greatest rule of any. Please remember that whatever we may do as our characters is not a reflection of anything Out of Character. My character may be a mean asshole, I am not. On that same note, our characters may be in a romantic relationship, this does not mean I want to do anything with you romantically. I am in a committed relationship, please respect those boundaries. On that same note, if you whisper me with inappropriate actions such as licking, touching or the like and I don't know you, I will politely ask you to stop and than simply ignore you if you choose not to.
I support unique characters, I really do. I like that people have great imaginations. I; however, also support the concept of balance. I do not do mary sue characters. Everyone has weaknesses and flaws, please portray a realistic character, it makes things more interesting! I also will not RP with someone who auto-hits, makes random shit up to always be 'top dog', or with a character that cannot be broken.
To go along with powergaming, I play by a loose consent rule. I am up for nearly anything happening to my character, just run it through me by whispers first. My only real hard limits are death and mind control (Influencing actions is fine!). I will also run by you anything that has any significant effect to your character. On this same note, I also play by your IC actions will have an IC reaction suitable to them. Don't think you can call my characters names, attack them, etc and expect for them to just take it. Remember Newton's law: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
I, more than anyone, understand how life can get in the way. I get it. I know you don't always have time to tell me and if you poof mid RP I won't get mad! I; however, won't also come begging you for RP. If you keep pushing me off I am just going to assume you don't want to RP and wait for you to contact me. Equally, if you aren't enjoying yourself/aren't feeling the RP, please just tell me! It won't hurt my feelings, not every character can mesh well together.
I love plots. I love story driven, dynamic RP! I also love when things just happen, naturally, through the course of RP. To this extent, I generally limit the amount of pre-plotting I do for the longterm! For example, I will not pre-plot a romance. I will; however, fill in roles for a plot if my character fits for the short term. Need someone kidnapped? Forced into servitude? That kind of thing I can do, if it fits my character and is generally a short-term plot. I will continue the plot after that interaction, of course, if you like, but it will be more freeform.
I understand as a player you may want to play more than one character at any given time. I get it and I will never tell you not to. I will; however, ask that we pause RP until you are more focused if it takes longer than 30 minutes continually to get a response. I try to get my responses out in 10 mintues, sometimes quicker depending on the RP. I think 10-15 minutes is reasonable. (This only applies to the Furcadia Client)
Quality > Quantity
I am a paragraph to multi-paragraph Roleplayer. I like delicious description that enhances the roleplay. I; however, do not enjoy three paragraphs of fluff that end in your character sitting down and saying 'Hello'. There is little for me to work with on that and it makes it difficult. I am not saying to keep your characters thoughts out of the roleplay, by all means, it enhances things...but keep it reasonable. Keep the RP flowing!
Oooh Shiny!
What do I mean by Ooh shiny! ? This applies to people who develop a binding plot with my character and than just...decide to stop playing that alt because they've found something different. I am okay with you deciding this, by all means, play what is fun for you! If you do decide to do this though, please let my character go! We can work out that it never happened, they drifted apart, one disappeared forever...whatever! Just let me be able to play my character without having to be tied to one you may never play again.

In Memory Of

Rave Reviews

I am always so pleased when I get to talk to Sor, because I know I'm either going to be rolling with laughter by the end of the conversation or my heart will be warmed by her understanding and selfless advice. She is spoken so highly of by everyone and she deserves all of the praise she receives! I definitely need to make more of an effort to rp with her as well, because her writing is amazing and her characters are all so unique and interesting. 10/10 would recommend for chatting and rp. :3 Helpful Great sense of humor - FatCatSupreme
Two qualities just aren't enough for me to express how much I adore Caitlin. I love our RP, she tolerates my memes (no regrets), and she is so incredibly patient with my sometimes large response gaps. I am incredibly grateful I reached out. ❤️ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Ramika

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