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Good evening, it's a pleasure to meet you all. I tend to try to be a polite and active roleplaying partner and am very open to various rp scenarios and ideas, so if any of you wish to strike one up sometime then feel free to shoot me a message

The strong majority of my characters at the moment are homestuck ones, however I also have a few other types of characters as well. My hero academia, RWBY, and general fantasy characters as well to name a couple. If your at all interested in checking any of them out, I have them properly organized and sorted in my "all characters" section for ease of access

(a bowel of my oc's drawn by )

Rave Reviews

-idn't even know if we could do that right without throwing something huge off with the way the Rp would go... Since then, we've redesigned Monsters, Discussed Denizens, Warped Worlds, Terrorlinged The Terminally Tardy, and all manor of things that has helped me to be a quick wit with solving the sudden complications that come with a versatile environment.
It's been great, and I've never been more happy to have gone back on my word. :3 - dave_pod
SanityFallen truly has a way with words. He is highly adept at creating well rounded, complex characters with a variety of strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Not only that, but he is great at creating tones and atmospheres that will draw you in, and make the roleplay come alive. Each character is created with thought and care, with engaging storylines and diverse backgrouns that are a joy to rp with. In short, SanityFallen is an extremely skilled rper. 10/10 would recomend. - PallasiteMatrix

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