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“It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”
Current Class Schedule:
Taking online classes, so I have more time to rp.

Hello, darlings! My name is Savannah though most people just call me Savi. I've been roleplaying on various sites since middle school so I'm no stranger to roleplay. I attend University, so during school terms, my schedule varies.

Discord: Just ask and I will be very glad to give you my username

What My Partner Can Expect From Me:
I will always notify my partners if I will not be able to make a post that day or if I am going to be absent for a time. If I find something concerning or have a question in regards to the role-play, I will poke my partner about. My partner can expect decent grammar and spelling from me; though if you see a mistake in my post don't be afraid to point it out, mistakes sometimes slip through in the editing process. My partner can expect me to be polite and respectful; if my partner says something is a no-no for them, then I will not bring that content into our roleplays. My partner can also expect me to never try to pressure or nudge them to play or do something they are not comfortable with.

What I Expect From My Partner:
I would like for my partners to let me know if they're having trouble making a post. Don't be afraid to tell that you're finding the roleplay boring or the like; there may be something we can work out to make it more enjoyable. I want my partners to communicate with me. If you want to add certain story elements, let's talk about! It might make the roleplay even better than it is. I would please like my partner to have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation. I would also like my partner to respect when I say that I am not uncomfortable with a certain element or setting.
My Active Hours:
My schedule has been updated above!

Posting Length/Frequency:
My posting length varies depending on the story and how my muse is feeling that day. I can write anywhere from two or three paragraphs to six or seven; as I said, depends on what my muse is feeling and what kind of setting I am writing for. My frequency of posts depends on if my nieces and nephew are asking for a hug or high-five every three minutes. Sometimes I can post replies one after another, other times its slow-going.

Preferable Partner Posting Length/Frequency:
Whatever you feel like giving me! Except for one-liners. Generally, whatever my partner gives me, I try to match. But I don't expect the same. If I write a small novel for my post, I don't want my partner to feel pressured to return a novel-sized post in return. Honestly, I prefer we enjoy the story we're writing together and not worry about how long our posts are!
I play both male and females and I cannot play a male in a MalexFemale pairing. I would also note that none of my characters are or ever will be dominant or aggressive in personality. I'm a fairly submissive person myself and I find it very difficult to get into the head of an aggressive dominant character. All my characters are on the short side, normally around 4'11 or 5'0. I'm this short myself so I find myself modeling my characters after my height.
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