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Hi! I’m Sparkles, a high-schooler with nothing better to do than roleplay fictional characters on the internet! Ha. Haha.

Quite a few of my characters curse, and, well, so do I. I also tend to write about heavy topics such as trauma, anxiety, guilt, and disassociation.

Writing style
I write semi-lit, 1-5 paragraphs depending on my partner and mood.

Writing example
The prospect of a midnight snack sounds pretty good right now.

Shinji pulls on a yukata, walks out to the kitchen. Everyone else is asleep, and the warehouse is eerily quiet. Every one of Shinji’s footsteps sounds too loud, and he worries that he’ll wake someone up.

He’d been lying awake in bed, unable to sleep after a particularly nasty encounter with his Hollow. Falling back asleep seemed like a bad idea, with his control as tenuous as it is now. But the brief grapple for dominance had left his stomach empty and aching, and as much as Shinji would like to be under his blankets just thinking, he can’t ignore the need for food.

In the beginning, the hunger that followed a battle for control had left all of the Visored shaken. Hunger was something that was linked with Hollows, and they’d all been terrified that the hunger wouldn’t go away, that next thing they knew they’d be ripping bites off of each other to get rid of the ache. But they’d quickly learned a good meal got rid of most of the pangs, to their relief.

Shinji opens the fridge, tucks a bowl of Kensei’s leftover curry under his arm. Kensei had been saving the meal for tomorrow, Shinji knows that, but he’s freaking hungry. Kensei will understand.


Hirako Shinji
Shinji is my true love. My favorite. My baby. My go-to character. He’s from the anime/manga series Bleach, and is one of my longest-running muses.

Edward Elric
Ed is a recent addition to my collection of characters! My cousin got me into Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ed decided to hop into my brain and not shut up. I’m spending a lot of time on him right now, since he’s new and I’m still voicetesting with him.

Hawks, my love, my winged disaster baby. My favorite BNHA muse, which is saying something, since I can write literally anyone from BNHA.

Jeremy Fitzgerald
I had a FNaF phase when I was in like 7th grade. Jeremy is all that remains of that dark time.

All of the characters that I don’t play enough to have a separate profile for but who I love just the same. Everyone from BNHA that isn’t Hawks goes here, along with Monika and Yuri from DDLC

Rave Reviews

So I have known Sparkels for mabte two months. They are just amazing and understanding!
we both needed some time due to it being summer and vacations. Im really happy that they told me that they would not be here.
But they are a AMAZING writer Just Amazing! It always drives the plot forward! I really hope to see more of their charaters in work soon! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Lyra736

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