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Neutral (They/Them) pronouns preferred. However, I also accept masculine (He/Him) and feminine (She/Her) pronouns as well. <3


Role Playing Availability: Things are beginning to clear up~

(Characters currently under construction-underlined characters are more actively edited-: All characters currently undergoing reworks. Some reworks are massive while some reworks are minor. Check in whenever to see ^_^ (Star's rework is near completion. Will update when he's all done, and then it's on to the next one~)

Special Thanks To:
KuroSakuranbo14, DontBeTrippin, Featherhowl, Loki

Dance(s) Currently Being Learned

HI! :D My name is Tristan! I'm a big fan of fantasy, so that's my favorite RP genre. I mean literally anything fantasy and I'm all for it; Movies, T.V. shows, books, games, or even a more avant-garde music video. XD

I'm here to RP like everyone else so please feel free to ask me to RP. Worst I can say is no, right? Even if you don't want to RP and you just wanna say hello or give me some sort of heads up that's still great too. My inbox is always open so feel free to contact me whenever ^_^

WARNING: I ADORE RAINBOWS! I'm addicted to rainbows, and love using emotes and emojis.-. You have been warned. XD


GURRRRRRRRRL, I have NO REASON to put this picture up, but I just wanted a gif of Kathy Griffin on my profile page. Is that so diabolical?


Itty Bitty Tid Bits About Each Character

He uses weapons to fight, which he can summon from thin air as well as armor.

Aldrich Ambrose
A psychic who is also an empath.

A boy who can summon mythical creatures to aid him.

Rosabelle (Still in construction)
A magical girl born from the dreams of children. Her natural monstrous strength is amplified when she transforms, granting her powers involving sweets and plant life.

A witch who can not only cast spells, but can also manipulate time & space, and can utilize astral magic.

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Witch


I know things are tough at times so here's an endless Ninja VS. Pirate battle to help you make it through the day. Enjoy ♥



Rave Reviews

Storm here, is a good RPer, I am surprised he hasn't got one until now. XD I have only known him for a couple of months(I think five or six). The only character that has really caught my attention would be Beast, I really want to see how him and Kuro would react to each other. But, anyways, his character Star is fun to play with. I have used him in many different rps with many different characters of mine and he always friendly. YOU MUST ROLEPLAY WITH THIS GUY!!!
~Kuro - KuroSakuranbo14
I haven't actually RPed with Star but they're an amazing person to talk to. We both love Rupauls drag race and we used to talk about that show a lot. And I hope to RP with star in the future. - ILoveCookies

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