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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: February 13


Please, please PLEASE note that this profile is greatly in progress. I've got some extra time on my hands for the time being, so I wanna use it to make my profile (and characters) a little more- ehh- TaeOreo quality. Which is the highest quality there is. Ya dig homie?

Bonjour, mon amis! Th' name's Tae. TaeOreo. Don't be afraid! You've entered a safe haven of pure bliss, by stumbling across this bio that is as perfect and obviously flawless as the owner of the profile. Yes, I'm a narcissist.

No, no. I'm only jesting. Do people still say that nowadays? I highly doubt it. I do. I say it. ANYWAY. I'm not actually a narcissist, but I do think rather highly of my work when it comes to writing. It's one of the few things I'm really proud of, given the insane talents I behold due to my absolute and utter raw, impressive Oreo Power Move. At some point I'll figure what that is. But let's get into the real stuff.

The name's Tae, I go by Tae, or Oreo. Real name's David. Usually don't get called that though. At least, not online. So! You're here because you want to know about the sexual chemical reaction byproduct that is me. Well, allow me to give a bit of background on the genius you're probably about to/ are having a conversation and/or roleplay with right now. Like I said, my name's David. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember, and I'm pretty passionate about my work as a writer. Writing is just so...limitless to me. There's nobody telling you what you can and can't do when you're writing. Whatever you want to be a reality can really be a reality in your own imagination. And to me, that's a magical thing.

Now relax, relax, I know you're probably not here for my philosophical opinion on creative writing and what it means to me, and it's importance, yatta yadda yatter. You're here for my writing rules and jazz, yeah? Well don't worry, I got you covered. In order to get into that though, I've gotta get into what really gets me goin' during a role-play.
TaeOreo's Bestest Most Amazingest Roleplay information
Christ, where do I start with this? I'm such a scatter-brained mess sometimes I get overwhelmed when I have a lot of information to give, and need to spill it in an orderly, logical fashion. Was my intro an example of that? I'll leave my intro how it is so you've got an example of just how scatter-brained I am. Anyway, the best way to start would likely be my interests. I mean- what's the point in hearing rules about a role-play partner you don't have anything in common with?

Well, I have a lot of genres that I like, but I find it better to list things off instead of writing a whole damn paragraph on it. So! Here are some genres that I personally have the best experience with.

*Definitely the supernatural. Hell, I'll roleplay anything with abnormal characteristics. That shit's child's play.

*Action. I love action. It doesn't have to be me jumping out of a goddamn plane, but when you've been alive for 17 years, shit happens that you can relate to. Y'know?

*Horror and gore? A yes. I love horror, I love gore. I've got no goddamn problem playing the villain in a story. In fact, I love it! Aggressive and evil characters are my forte. I'll make you love them anyway harhar.

*I love romance, okay? I'm a sucker for a good romance story, but please don't make it cliche. I hate cliche love stories. But I love cliche love stories sometimes too. Y'know what, how about we just leave it at I love romance?

That was pretty easy. Now let's get into my writing style. That changes depending on the character I'm using. I may add my petty dark humor to a dark humored character. Also expect jokes. Jokes are always a thing when you're roleplaying with me. You may not get what I mean now, but I very commonly use sarcasm and irony as comic relief during a roleplay. It's how I cope with my beautiful babies being hurt. (Or me hurting your beautiful babies).

Rave Reviews

  • We had an RP going on for a little bit and I really enjoyed the length and heart that went into his replies. Akane is a really interesting character and Tae writes him very well.

    I hope we can RP again sometime! <3
    -- JoJoApples
  • TaeOreo is an amazing roleplayer. I can't count how many times while roleplaying with him that, even after coming back after a while, I would personally look forward to seeing their responses. He really makes the story come to life with how he writes and when...
    -- Harlow

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    "We had an RP going on for a little bit and I really enjoyed the length and heart that went into his replies. Akane is a really interesting character and Tae writes him very well.

    I hope we can RP again sometime! <3"
    (About 1 month and 1 week ago)
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