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I'm a polyam-pan weirdo who cooks for a living. My life is fairly normal and unglamorous so I'm sure you don't want to read all those boring details!

I prefer free-form RP in fantasy settings with no line limits. I like to let things flow!

Some things to know about how I RP:

~I'll be first to admit that I am far from a perfect typer. I do make mistakes -fairly frequently, in fact- when I write posts. This can be anything from misspelled words to words missing entirely. This doesn't mean I don't have a grasp of the English language; this means I'm just a normal person who types like a chicken and has a brain that works faster than her fingers. If you need clarification on something, just ask! I won't be offended.

~I roleplay under an unspoken 'semi-consent' rule if no consent level is outwardly stated. My character may shove, smooch or wet-willy yours without me asking for your permission, but I would never force any truly major actions on you without asking.

~I do not follow post length rules, sorry. I post what I feel is the right amount to convey what my character is doing or saying. Rather rather not waste time trying to up my word count when I'm already a slow typer.

~I loves me some drama in RP. If I feel like things are getting stale, I'll likely do something to make things fun again. That's just what I do.

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Zuraye (played by Tasha)
There is something wonderful about a scarred character. This one is beautiful and has a great profile. - TheLily

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