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Hi! My name is TheSilver Chicken or TheSliverChicken due to my typo I didn't double-check because I was very distracted with my baby chicks at the time. One of them is my icon pic and was the idea for my user name before she was named (chick's name is now Peppermint)

About Me:

Chicken and overall bird lover. (I own a dove too) I am not a great speller and grammar could use some work, so forgive me.

I have no Role Played in a few years and I miss it. I would love to hop back into it and hopefully not get overwhelmed. lol, I am not a confident person and am always worried I will make a fool of myself no matter what I do making people not want to talk to me much.


This OC of mine shares a lot of my own personal info-so I felt it was easier to use her info card than me typing it. x3

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