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I like adventure, bit of conflict and problem solving and romance but no smut.

I like to build both character and the world and when it comes to characters i prefer to have some background stories and history.

Also i avoid playing vamipres or furries.

I have 2 rp worlds where im looking for players

Young man on a quest to discover his magic power and caught to a war between gods

Woman in strange new land befriends a mute boy who can see the future. And it's not bright for the country are because it will be soon invaded

Agents sent their first mission to investigate murder and odd terrorist group

Girl who have raised as orphan discovers her royal blood and reason why she have gone missing and thought to be dead.

(Short) Gangmember having mission to steal advanced alien weapon. What you know about it is its codename "Demolisher" and that its related to some secret operation called "Project Troy". What possibly could go wrong by stealing such hight tech weapon right under the government's noses?

Official gets suddenly promoted to minister of security after his predecessor have been assassinated.

Rave Reviews

Tjogs is amazing and I love there Rp world and it is so detailed and there characters are amazing. Tjogs is very helpful and willing to help and understanding and willing to explain. plus Tjogs active and a good friend. I enjoy our rp and one of the few rp partners i enjoy talking to and rp with. cant wait to see where rp and our characters take us. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - kungpowdragon23

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