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Hi! My name is Milo and I am 30+ years old. I have been roleplaying for 20+years (I'll be too lazy to update this till its years later so it's accurate, ha.)

I am a pretty laid back guy as I deal with a lot of my own neuro spicy issues. AuDHD is a bitch and a half.
I typically will reply within a day or two (sometimes longer sorry :x), so if you are looking for rapid fire responses all the time I implore you to find it in someone else! I simply can not meet such a demand all the time though it can happen and likely will a few times.

Outside of RP i love to play video games, TTRPGs, MMOs, ect. I also crochet and have a shop online. If we get to chatting OOC I can certainly show you some of the stuff I've made!

Current RP: Slow to reply
Accepting New RP: ❌

All Things RP
RP Interests:
  • Fandom RP (Some favorites are doctor who, star trek, Kingdom Hearts, and some anime)
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Post Apocalyptic Including but not limited to Nuclear war, virus, zombies, ect
  • Cyber Punk
  • Sci Fi
  • Modern Realistic Fiction
  • I'm really open for a lot, just ask if it isn't on my list of stuff I don't play.

  • ~Mild Romance
  • Friendship
  • Rivalry
  • Delayed Reply times okay, Life happens
  • At least write 1 Paragraph 3-5 sentences long
  • Try your best with spelling and grammar

  • Explicit Sexual RP, unless otherwise discussed. Chances are VERY SLIM so please do not push it.
  • Please, No one Line posts.

ROMANCE SPECIFICS: My OCs are not open for IMMEDIATE ship matches. I like a slow burn, and I do not wish to change a whole lot about my OCs in order for their personalities to match yours. If they vibe that way, then perfect! See also as stated previously, Sexual encounters are currently FATE TO BLACK only. Thank you for your courtesy.
So you've gotten this far, Here's more about me!

I have been a role player since my early teens. I ran rp forums that had a decent amount of traffic and regularity as well as various rp partners and memberships of other message boards of which I did not run. I am looking forward to developing new characters and rehashing old ones as well. In a sense I hope to start fresh!

Please feel free to PM me with any questions or requests. I'm currently looking for rp partners or groups that are in the same realm of what I am looking for

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