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Verdant • EST Timezone • Female


Welcome! Feel free to stay awhile.

Hello, I am Verdant! If that's too formal, feel free to call me V. :)


Roleplay Info:
●Life comes before roleplay, always!
●I've been creating characters and writing RP for several years.
●I send out an average of 3-7 paragraphs per post, but generally focus on quality over quantity for myself and other RP members.
●Mature themes are okay in my book, but I have no issues avoiding said themes if it makes my partner uncomfortable.
● My favorite genres are generally medieval fantasy, modern with a supernatural twist, and apocalyptic (Bonus points if there is slow burn romance sprinkled into these!!)
●I don't have a lot of characters up right now, but if you think I may be interested in an idea you have, shoot it my way! I may have the perfect character, they probably just don't have a profile here yet. I hate making profiles haha
● Communication is key! We don't have to chat OOC a ton, but I would like at least a little bit of back and forth for ideas, discussion of issues/plans, etc!


About Me:
● I love highland cattle. And sheep. And pigs. And goats. And dogs. And cats. And birds.
●I enjoy spending time in nature, as well as going on hikes.
●I am terrified of ticks
● I adore pitbulls and any type of large dog
● I have a terrible sweet tooth
● I can't cook to save my life

Feel free to PM me at any time with RP ideas, questions, or just to chat :) Happy RPing!


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