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What is there to know about me? Not much. I'm just a random guy who likes to roleplay. I don't really do a lot. And I have a 9 to 3 job for most of the week.

That's the boring stuff. Now some interesting stuff.

Favorite animals: Cats, Red pandas.

Favorite type of music: Classic rock. Country

Favorite bands: Zac Brown Band, Imagine dragons, Fall out boy

Favorite shows growing up: Spongebob, Steven Universe, Wild Kratts, Samurai Jack

Favorite shows now: Rick and Morty, Family guy, Archer, Samurai Jack

Favorite movies: Venom, Annihilation

Cool stuff I do: Roleplay, Videogames, Draw.

Favorite videogames: Skyrim, Minecraft, GTA 4, Reckoning Kingdoms of Amalur

Favorite season: Fall, because of the changing leaves and chilly temperatures.

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One of the best people i ever roleplayed with. he is always willing to try new ideas with the roleplays we do along with a perfect person to chat Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Godzillarman

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