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First and foremost, thank you for visiting my profile. As I'm writing the introduction I thought of three reasons of why you're here. #1, a misclick. #2, out of boredom, and #3 out of curiosity. I sure do hope its the third one.
Don't read if you don't want those swear words.

Alright! Let's see, let's see.. Name first.
My name is Josael Evanne. My name is confusing to be honest, and I've tried searching what it could mean. Either by coincidence or not, it means God or something like that. Evanne? No clue.

I'm also called Bronze and Zevel online. You see, the name Bronze came from my fascination of wings and the color Silver. Now you may be wondering what happened and how this is relevant but keep reading it, goddammit.

I tried to call myself WingsOfSilver back in fanfiction and found out the username is taken, so I tried WingsOfGold. Didn't work. So I settled with WingsOfBronze after an hour of agonizing life decisions. Then I called myself Bronzewings when I entered the Warriors fandom. Soon enough I and clipped the wings off my username and to make it more simple and called myself Bronzy. Why is it Bronze now? It is because I thought to myself: "Why should I make my name two syllables when I could make it one and more simple than this." and thanks to my lazy ass who doesn't want saying his own username in two syllables the name "Bronze" is finalized.

BUT I'm called Zevel here so this explanation is useless and I loved wasting your time. What? You're going to complain? You can't take back time. You can't do anything about it. You screwed yourself up by going here.

Onwards! Zevel. Yeah. Its a random name I liked in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of The Rift. Loved the game. The name generator there is wild though I tell you. Names like Yldi, Bcja, Olphie, Dakote, even Chuchu. Otherwise, its good. You can call me whatever you like as long as it is appropriate.

And now to my Age. I'm 17. Goddamn I don't know what to do when I turn into an adult. I want to say a quote from Mae Borrowski from Night In The Woods (One of the best games ever made.) "The fact that I'm an adult is both amusing and terrifying.". Because right now? My life is screeeewed.

I roleplay. I write. I draw sometimes even though I'm bad at it. I try though. I'm not good with writing either, and that's why I'm here. I kill children. I do argue and debate with people with philosophical shit. I trample hopes as they were formed. I drown egotistic preteens who doesn't have a clue what emotions mean. I'm a complicated boy with complicated everything.

A great man named Sam Fennah heavily inspires me. He has a Youtube Channel by the name of FENNAH and is a one-man team of animator, producer, director, writer, and everything.

If you want to give a friend request, feel free to hit me up because I'm bored 24/7. I swear I'm friendly.

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Writting a character well takes skill. Writting a character in a situation way the heck out of their depth but still insisting on approaching everything sanely while it all falls apart around them, but in a believable way that's also entertaining and is done well? That takes Zevel. I'm honestly impressed and loving playing alongside him. - Avitrathephoenix

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