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Hello! I'm Avi, a high-flying magical space-bird thing who likes cookies and headpats! ^v^ Also actually a scientist (though not a researcher), so you can probably guess that I'm into that, too! Biology and chemistry are my main things, but I'm also pretty interested in other things, too. Materials science is especially neat.

In terms of hobbies, I'm big on drawing (poorly), flying (ZOOM), reading (anything fantastical in either the magical or technological sense and not, like.... annoyingly bleak), baking cookies (usually chocolatey), and playing games (puzzles and stealth games are super fun, but I do other things too). Oh, and roleplaying, obviously. ~v^ That's why I'm here!

Speaking of RP, I'm pretty much always open to play or chat. If you want to do either of those things, let me know! If you just want to send friend requests for some reason but not play or chat (???), please don't! I... I just don't get it, and I'm honestly not super interested in having a bigger friend number for its own sake or adding more random things to my notifications from someone I never talk to. Just.... strange to me. '^v^

All of that said, if you are going to try and hit me up for talking or playing, you probably want to read this next part before we run into awkward situations...


First things first: I tend to build characters in a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid setting where things are a bit wild. Like..."Most starships of much size have a wizard in their crew" wild, and also "Gods sometimes mobilize fleets to help restrain Ancient Old Ones" wild. Some of my characters are admittedly too powerful for some settings or situations, and can be hard to scale down without stripping away a lot of what enables them to be themselves. I like to think I manage them well, and most people I've played with have been pretty happy with the stories we've been able to create together, but I know full well that not all characters fit all stories. That said, not all are! I'm trying to work on setting up details about that on characters' respective pages, but I'll give a bit of a summary/tierlist later in this page to help cut down where you might look if you have limits in mind.

With that kinda out of the way until we get to that list, let's go over other key bits of things:

I like to write a few short paragraphs for my posts, but sometimes go a bit longer or shorter. That's also my preference for partners/other players, too. One-lining just isn't my thing if I want to tell a story since it tends to be kinda frantic and tends to require both people being on at the same time and pretty much focused on the game to be interesting. Ultra-long posts I just struggle with, both in terms of being able to come up with enough to write and being able to sift through them for the info I need. If either of those styles are yours, while I respect them, they just aren't my game.

2-5 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences is my main interest range, and the range I tend to write best. There's some tolerances on that, I've written some very long starters and some very short posts for combat or checking things where I suspect traps or whatever, but for a typical interaction post I try to stick in the stated range.

On that topic, Give me something to work with! I love introspection and contemplating events, but trying to react to deep thoughts and only a few words of actual actions, meaningful expressions, or dialogue makes it really hard to write or make plot progress. Make sure you remember to do or say something I can write from most of the time. I've lost a few otherwise interesting games to this not happening.

That about covers that. Now onto the things which are... probably super obvious, but also hopefully the exciting part!


This is actually going to be broken up, because there's a lot of sub-topics which are helpful to be able to skim through:


In case you couldn't guess, I like sci-fi and fantasy! Usually together, but not always! In general, really, most settings etc. are fine as long as some sci-fi and fantasy elements can be involved in ways which aren't too messy. Illusions and holo-projected disguises come up a lot. I'm very comfortable with playing a visitor to your setting, too, be it sci-fi, fantasy, mundane-modern, cyberpunky, or other things. Just be ready. ~v^


Characters will (at least eventually) have specific "Always/Sometimes/Maybe/Never" type tables, but this is the general breakdown you can expect in simple "yes" or "no" with anything else being "negotiable."

Adventure, meet-and-greet, investigation, exploration, rescue-and-recovery (Crash landings, medical care, etc.), and some forms of horror are awesome! That said, if you like most of the challenge and plot progression (especially plot progression) to be based on combat encounters, do be aware of what characters you're dealing with. This also goes a bit for puzzles. Many of my characters like to cut the Gordian Knot in some way. If you like weird, creative solutions though, maybe that works for you.

Anything with a strong control-dynamic (experimentation, imprisonment, etc.), romance-games, and pursuit-type horror (spooky killer/monster style, at least 1-on-1), and fandom-based RPs don't tend to be my thing. I'm also loathe to play with characters canon-to-media.

That said, I may make some exceptions for particularly compelling concepts. If you can show me a really ambitious concept, I may cave and play it even if it isn't what I usually do.


I love that kind of grand adventure, space opera, or bright new day energy where the setting is bright, exciting and begging to be experienced, but also adore situations where things are more complicated. I mentioned stealth games earlier, right? Low-chaos Dishonored, where things are bad but the players are working to make things better, or something like Deus Ex HR or MD where things are bad, and maybe we can't fully fix them, but we can still try to at least fight back and peer behind the curtain are also awesome. If you haven't played those games and/or don't otherwise fully get what I mean, we can figure it out while we plan the game. ~v^

I.... think that's most of my preferences and things. Now it's time for a lot of more meta things. We'll call this....


-I'm willing to try and reply to games daily, and sometimes may be faster. That said, I can also be slower if a) I'm busy, b) I'm trying to figure out how to structure posts, c) I'm too burnt out to write around then. Usually I'll reply within a day, though, and definitely within a week. If that doesn't happen, ask me what's up. When it comes to other people, I'm REALLY patiend. Can only reply once a week? Once every two weeks? That's okay! Need to disappear for a month or three? Just lemme know so I don't worry about you and we're good! My #1 rule with RP is "life comes first."

-I like to chat OOC. Planning next plot steps? Good! Commenting on posts and chatting about the situation or growing character dynamics? Good! Keeping each other informed about major delays? Good! Chatting about random silly things? Hecc yeah! ^v^/) Characters breaking into OOC chats where they can talk about the stuff we're making them do? Heads up: It's likely to happen. :3 I love it all!

-Remember that we both have a role to play! (heh) I don't mind one player or the other acting as GM for a setting or specific situation, but that does NOT mean that either should be stuck carrying everything unexpectedly.

-Warning: Puns.

Okay so, on to the li--

Oh, right, one more thing to talk about first.

Erotica, Smut, and Otherwise getting spicy

Step one, DON'T try me if you're under 18 on this front for obvious reasons, namely that the trouble would mostly come down on me. Avi is a good girl. Please don't try to break that.

Step two, I'm good with it, but I'm only good with it on certain characters. No, not Victi, yes I say that because it comes up a lot from people who know her. Ask, we'll figure it out.

Any specifics (or "specifics") will have to be discussed in DMs.

I tend to prefer something x F and have no ero-appropriate non-female characters. Just... just as a heads up.

ANYWAY. Onto the list.

List of characters in order of most to least potentially knot-cutting, and kinda in tiers:


Her Eminence, the Lady Cryu-Dzien is more of a plot-element and species-representative than a character. She's a literal Death (and Ice and Wealth and....) Goddess who, while bound by countless laws, pacts, and codes, is able to be reality-ending under some circumstances. I go over most of the roles she's good for in her profile, but in short she's generally best off in a plot-instigating role or other "support" role in terms of story. Definitely don't make her fight things.

Her Majesty, Water of the Pentatheon, aka Liqui is the equally nearly-omnipotent sister of the shiny derg above. She's bound to not do direct serious harm, granted, but if you're playing with her she may just... solve some things by willing them to be so. Good for the spicy stuff, though.

Extreme power tier:

Victi Aurora Silverfur A massive step down, but still.... well.... If you play D&D, think epic-level wizard with a side of martial prowess. That said, she's also by far my most popular character for other people to play with. I'm... I'm not kidding. People honestly love this crazy floof.

Pliumii is a very powerful Virtual Intelligence and has a fair bit of freedom to know stuff, which can be... difficult. She's also at literally no risk of death or permanent harm, which in a lot of games is a huge problem. She's actually a bit like the two goddesses in regards to role and things

Ziktia is a weird one. She's extremely potent in very odd ways, but usually functionally isn't. She might just eat the knot, though. Just, like... with a fork. She could be a lot further down in some ways, but she's honestly more difficult to make interesting than even the four above her here a lot of times.

The other half of the character are hopefully less concerning. Most have some funky capabilities, but the above five are the biggest deals on this front. Maybe also "me" myself sometimes, too, but for the most part that's a case of very specific power than anything else.

I'm very open to discussing managing characters in any case if you do come to say hi and play! My goal is for everyone to have fun, after all!

Also, if you read this far, have a cookie! You've earned it. ^v^

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