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Alright, so my name's Zoe, Ana is the beginning of my middle name. I do love to RP, any style is fine with me. I don't get uncomfortable easily unless there's too much blood and guts.

I'm actually a bit of a chatterbox when I'm on chocolate, my go to snack. Unfortunately, this snack also causes me to have a bit of a dirty mind, have been warned.

Ugh, it's late now. I'll get back to this in the morning.

Rave Reviews

Her and I haven't roleplayed yet but I really love her comments in the forums. She's quite the writer I've heard. I'm happy she's befriended me❤❤. - LakotaSiouxWarrior
Zoe is a very sweetly rambunctious girly, I enjoy knowing her and chatting with her immensely. We just started an rp, and she's certainly talented! - iolhantheX

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