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Hello everyone!

Pardon the limited amount of information. Still new to this site and figuring everything out! My characters are all new and so their stories and personalities are still being written. This is great news for anyone wanting to start an RP with me because it means they will fit in almost anywhere!

Little about me I am a student with a job that involves weird hours. I can often reply quickly, but every now and then I do have to go radio silent for a few days. A girl's gotta eat after all!

I am currently most interested in Urban Fantasy but am open to all kinds of other genres. I pretty exclusively play OC's since I am just not talented enough for canon characters. Yet. Maybe someday.

I will also try to update my schedule here each week so that if there are any "going dark" periods that can be foreseen then everyone can be forewarned. The longest I tend to be gone is about three or four days though and I usually come back ready to pick everything back up.

I do mostly free-form, not because I have anything against dice but because I honestly have just not joined a game that does it yet. So if you think you have one that I'd enjoy feel free to reach on out!

As far as personal limits go, I am open to pretty much anything. My one big hard line is going to be at excessive cruelty to children or otherwise clear innocents (mentally infirm etc). I know that stuff can happen and does in the real world and I hate that it's that way. So in any world I play in I try to not have that.

When it comes to the usage of characters I am fine if mine get used for actions or even dialogue as long as it isn't anything major and is within character. To me this is all about the feeling and the story and sometimes the back and forth can feel stilted. That being said I expect to also be treated like an adult with respect and some OOC back and forth so that everyone is having a good time and feels like they are the star of the show.

I do also understand that characters can be intensely personal and am more than happy to respect whatever limits anyone has.

That's all I can think of for now! Will update and improve as I learn. Hope to hear from you!

CURRENT STATUS: Well the new semester officially started and it is already way harder than I anticipated. I will still be available and respond. But instead of multiple responses a day most of the time it is probably going to go down to a few a week. I'm so sorry! But don't fear, I haven't given up, just need to budget my time a little more strictly.

SCHEDULE 01/19/2020 - 01/25/2020

Sunday - Homework day

Monday - Available

Tuesday - Somewhat Available.

Wednesday - All day classes.

Thursday - Maybe available, likely not.

Friday - Hopefully available, but maybe burnt out

Saturday - Available unless Homework didn't get done.

Rave Reviews

Okay, so, I’ve recently begun an RP with her, and let me tell you: this woman is fantastic! During the planning stage, she was incredible, asking plenty of questions and offering ideas. And her RP writing is just as on point! I love her character. I’m already invested. Another thing is: she’s not afraid of communication, and she contacts me when brainstorming or thinking of ways to further the lore or plot. Seriously, she’s wonderful. RP with if you get the chance! You won’t regret it!!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Lady_Istyar
Oh no, I can only check 2 boxes!? This will be hard.
Ace is a fantastic partner to RP with! Her posts are so smooth and full of imagery, I feel like I’m reading a published story 😍
Our RP has quickly become one of my favorites and I look forward to finding out what happens next.
She really works with you to come up with ways that both characters can shape the story while maintaining any background that’s already been worked out. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - asherb92

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