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Heya! My name is alice but people also call me ceiare.
I'm a 25 year old female who has been roleplaying since around 2008, from small deviantArt RP groups, to feralheart and then onto making my own solidified ocs as I got better at art and writing. Now here I am.

Despite being kinda awkward, I'm usually really easy going and chill and I get along with most people who are nice back.

I'm still uploading characters, please bare with me. Full proflies to browse can be found here;

*Literate, paragraph, freeform RP only. No script or chat. I am open to trying dice rolls or stricter mechanics, but just know I'm not too experienced with it.
On average my posts contain 300-500 words.

*OC's only. No canon characters at all. Exceptions for fandom RPs are; elder scrolls, lotr/the hobbit, fallout, pokemon and dark souls. Using the worlds only.

*18+ is welcome, as long as you are over 18.

*Please do not ask me to include in the RP;
-Fetishes you haven't ran by me first. (Don't mind them in general but they need to be discussed beforehand)
-Pregnancy/giving birth
-People who exist irl (unless it's yourself)
-Guaranteed shipping (romance is fine, but there is always the chance that our characters won't work together).

*If you contact me I will assume you've read the above and are fine with them.*
*Contacting me without reading these rules and then breaking them will probably result in me ending the RP, unless you genuinely forgot.*

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