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I'm someone who has RPd on and off for about 15 years. I'm a full time bartender in my offline life, which means some weeks i'm working too much and some weeks i'm only working three days. In general I'm fond of queer themes, drama, SFF/speculative fiction, boat media, and PIRATES.

I'm currently in the midst of giving all my characters an overhaul, but in general: all my public characters are open to RP, feel free to shoot me a message if any of them catch your eye :)

Genres I like

-Contemporary fantasy (as in, alternate universe of our one)
-Historical, if I can be forgiven for certain inaccuracies
    -Pirates! Most of my knowledge come from Black Sails! So the Golden Age
    -Victorian/Edwardian GB/Ireland.
    -90s (it's in the past, ergo it's Historical :P)

-Medieval/High Fantasy
-Sci-Fi - I'm not well versed in playing in a scifi/futuristic settings, apologies! But I am very interested. Especially if your universe is well thought out, so I don't get confused hah.

Most of my characters are adaptable, despite being created in a specific setting, and I aim to add a "Alternate Reality" page to each one, so you can see how I imagine them in (broad) other settings.


Currently involved in:

Up for both long and short term RPs! Shoot me a PM with an idea if you want to :)

My characters are probably constantly updated as I
1) develop them more
2) figure out this site more

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