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18+ preferably 21+ xe/xem & she/her everything is a WIP

Hi! I'm some hot guy's wife. I never know what to say on profiles. It's always way too much or way too, is someone going to read a novel? No. But what if I still wrote one, you know?

Anyway, hi, again. I'm ogle. I've been roleplaying online for 18 years. :( I'm disabled, so my activity may fluctuate.

I primarily RP cosmic horror-flavored medieval high fantasy. I'm also interested in sci-fi, and can be coaxed into other genres, too, if they are sufficiently edgy and angsty. I love warlocks and characters who can't die.
I don't do romance plots.

-- More RP information --

I won't RP anything to do with drinking alcohol. I won't RP smut. I won't RP with minors.

I require OOC planning before we start RPing. I need to know what goals we each have for the RP, and I like hashing out a basic plot, unless you've got things you'd like to keep secret.

I like getting to know the people I RP with OOC, within both of our comfortable boundaries. I like making friends with my partners because I think it's more fun that way!

I prefer writing in third person, but there are situations where I'll experiment.

I really, really like writing violence and gore and body horror. I always check with my RP partners before including either of these things, but I tend to prefer RP that includes bizarre bodily stuff.

I do not count my paragraphs. I will not count my paragraphs. Roleplay, to me, is collaborative writing. I'm not interested in arbitrary quotas. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, a one-liner can speak a thousand words. I trust myself and my RP partners to be creative and flexible adults about it.

I like postmodernism and if you do weird shit with your writing I'll be ecstatic.

My reply frequency varies. I live with my husband and I value my time with him over any online stuff, and I'm disabled, and I've got issues focusing. Feel free to poke me if it's been a week or two. I will tell you if I am no longer interested, and I trust you to do the same.

I usually won't do modern settings, pirates, steampunk, or low fantasy. I'm picky about post-apocalyptic settings. I won't do fandom RP unless you manage to snag my interest with something I really like. I will not do slice of life.

Aside from RP, I like:
  • Soulsborne, Metal Gear, Rimworld, Pokemon, FFXIV
  • Many other video games (primarily action games and RPGs, but I play lots of stuff)
  • Reading (newly rediscovered hobby, reading Hyperion Cantos)
  • Metal music (primarily death, prog, and nu right now)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (trying to play more)
  • My cats (two Bengals!)
  • Stone fruits
Please ask me which other video games I like! I like a lot of them!

If you want to RP or anything, please DM me, too! I have a lot of free time.

^_^ Okay, bye.

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