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‼️ I will not RP or speak privately with anyone under 21. ‼️
‼️ This includes characters' ages. ‼️

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<3 My husband <3My websiteArt commissions

Greetings. You may call me ogle. She/her/hers, xe/xem/xyr.

I'm a 26 year old elven housewife with a love for writing, video games, and cooking. My husband, my house, and my cats come first--be patient with me.

I draw all art on my characters' pages unless otherwise credited.
Do not use or repost my art. I design all my OCs for my use only.

I've been RPing online for ~19 years.

I primarily write tonally dark medieval high fantasy, ideally with a cosmic horror bent. I write in third person, past tense. I love warlocks, conflict, shapeshifting, and immortality.

It's been a thousand years, but I think I'm interested in romance RP again. Smut is tentatively fine, please do not be weird. Any gender combination is fine, but I'm especially excited about FxF.
I will never RP romance or smut with minors. Ever.

┍————- /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ ————┑
More RP information
🐌 I guess I average 3-7 paragraphs in my replies, but I'm fine with adjusting length according to my partner, the flow of the plot, and so on. Just give me enough to reply to, and I'll do the same.

🐌 I'm strongest with dialogue, and I enjoy experimental topics and settings. I love writing violence, gore, body horror, cosmic horror, and magic. Magic is awesome.

🐌 I prefer planning out the basic plot of the RP in advance. It doesn't have to be set in stone or anything, but if there's no direction, I lose interest very quickly. I also enjoy making friends with my RP partners! Feel free to ask for my Discord at any time.

🐌 My reply frequency will vary. My personal life, my responsibilities, my husband, etc. all come way before RP on my list of priorities, so you might have to wait for a reply sometimes. Feel free to poke me if it's been over a week or two. Sometimes I'll need longer than that. I don't ghost, but I require extended breaks at times. If this bothers you, don't RP with me.

🐌 I don't really take offense to being ghosted. I appreciate being told when long, foreseeable breaks are happening, or if my partner is no longer interested, but I will not take it personally if you can't, don't, or won't tell me. <3
🐍 Video games: Soulsborne, Metal Gear, Pokemon, FFXIV, & more

🐍 Collecting video games & consoles

🐍 Music: Currently deathcore, shoegaze, prog rock & metal, eurodance

🐍 TTRPGs (still somewhat new, most experienced with 5e)

🐍 My cats (two Bengals!)

🐍 My husband <3

🐍 Cooking
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For scrolling down here, you get my Toyhouse link.


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