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So much love for my girl Soda (Sundae).
Closed species adopt above.


Hi everyone! Thanks for coming on over to get to know me and my characters. Enjoy your stay, say hello, send me a whisper or a note. PLEASE don't contact me in any way if you are under 21 OOCly/IRL.

My name is Lisa, but most people call me Old. I hate being called Music. Please do NOT call me Music. I've been role playing for fifteen years now. I like to think I have a decent amount of experience. I aim to write for a living one day.

I'm disabled. (For a lot of medical reasons both physical and mental). I take a lot of medicine with side affects that can cut rp short or make it impossible. I'll try to be as available as possible for rp whenever I'm on but sometimes casual ooc chat is all I can manage. I'm sorry. I'll always give you a heads up if I'm not feeling my best and I need to stop.

I'm happily married in real life, and I don't get out much. I absolutely love chatting on an ooc level, so please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason. From role play to casual conversation, I'm always looking to make new friends and new role play contacts! Feel free to ask me for my discord.

I love RP; slurpees; rainy weather, and pokemon.
I have 6 tattoos and I'm done getting them.
I'm excited to meet you, let's rp <3 My main is Oldmusic.

P.S. I'm a furry. I prefer rping with anthros or feral animals that can talk.

ALSO: I don't think I am in a position to shame anyone for whatever turns them on in a safe fantasy setting where no one is being hurt. My nos are just things that turn me off in a sexual situation. I'm not telling you you're bad or wrong for liking something I don't, I'm just saying, I don't wish to participate, thank you!


newest tattoo, cool, no?

Rave Reviews

Asil (played by oldmusic)
The perfect Domina. It is zero surprise to me that Acaeus submitted to such a woman so easily. Far above and beyond any Domina I have ever seen before. He couldn't have chosen better. Depths of the character rarely seen aren't so easily given. Delicious detail and information that makes evening out the soft and hard exterior perfection. I couldn't ask for a better Domina for Acaeus. - Michonne
Words fail me no matter how many times I attempt to write this, no rambling could truly do her justice. Although we've not managed to RP yet, my bad, I must say the effort and creativity put into Asil alone is enough for us all to see how magnificent her mind is. More importantly she is an angel, a kind hearted soul who deserves all the love and more, somebody who i'm very proud to call a friend. <3 - BobbinK

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