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I'm 22, currently studying in South Korea (that's actually me in a pretty poppin area of Seoul called Hongdae), and I have a penchant for pretty detailed backstories. I tend to be pretty flexible with roleplay, but you gotta inspire me first, you know??

I'm also pretty heavy into K-Pop, with ATEEZ being my ultimate favorite. One of my characters is based on their lore, it's that bad. I also really like anime and I'm trying to draft out a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character as that's probably my current favorite

Send me a DM if you like my characters, and want to roleplay with them, or if you wanna be friends! I hope to talk soon!!

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I am so happy and my pleasure to have met with Sonjangtiny. Shes super nice and an excellent partner that doesn't come up all that often that can match everything you want in an rp.

I'm not very good at writing these sort of things because I am always a man who prefers actions over words. Here is to a nice future! I am looking forward to it. Wonderful writer Long posts - szzickra

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