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I'm back, baby!! I missed RPR so you know I had to return. Also I'm glad to see some artists flowing in as well! Can't wait to meet and make some great rp partners and art moots <3
Pronouns: Any <3
Feel free to call me: Zasi, Z, Star, Starz, Coon
A bit about me!!
Fav animal: Raccoons 🦝 & Foxes 🦊
Fav color: Orange 🍊 & black 🖤
Fav solo artist: Alec Benjamin
Fav band: Gorillaz
Fav food: Tater tot casserole
I’m a growing, self-taught artist and struggling to reach a more broad audience. I have my commission prices posted on my insta: @_st.4.rz_
Even just a simple post to your story would be appreciated or even a like 🫶
But that’s all for now, if you wanna know more, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you asap!
Love you all and have a wonderful day/night 💕

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