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“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”
Sue Fitzmaurice

───✧ Dante||Strawberry
───✧ He/Him/Himself

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! After ages of bricks of text, I’ve reformatted my profile once again.

I focus on Medieval Fantasy RP, with far too many characters. Some of my favorites include Iskra Sokol, the cold King of the Onyx Bandits, and Katja Sauer- Lady Knight and commander of the Knights of the People. Of course, this isn’t all of them- and I invite you to check out those who interest you!

I’m also an artist and writer- you can find me on Instagram, AO3 and ArtFight as Snakcc_, where I share the copious amounts of OC art I do. I tend to focus on fandom writing on AO3- currently writing a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction based around my character Noen and the search for her family, but I’m looking to expand into more. In regards to my art, I accept commissions! Feel free to PM me- I’m currently redoing my carrd in hopes on making it look better.

Aside from Medieval Fantasy, I write for multiple fandoms including:

───✧ Kingdom Hearts
───✧ Devil May Cry
───✧ My Hero Academia
───✧ Demon Slayer
───✧ Assassins Creed

If any of those interest you, don’t hesitate to message me! I have a slew of OCs and am always excited for RP.

A Breif List of Rules

───✧ I will not engage in smut/DRP/ERP with people I have not built up an extended rapport with. There is no flexibility on this rule- if a plot culminates to a moment, we will use a fade to black unless otherwise discussed.

───✧ Major Character Death or Injuries is actually something I’m alright with- so long as we’ve discussed it prior. Some characters, such as Iskra and Johann, can more easily be subject to major character death on a surprise note. Unless we have a rapport, please discuss with me prior to murdering my characters so I can plan around the action.

───✧ I am a working adult, who attends therapy for a pile of mental health issues. I am not always available for replies, either due to prior engagements or mental health issues. My current home situation leaves me vulnerable to some issues, and may cause me to step out for a bit. I’ll do my best to update my status if I must leave. Please be understanding. If I leave in the middle of an RP, I will try to always ask if you want to continue a plot before replying. If not, don’t hesitate to say so. My feelings won’t be hurt.

───✧ I am a system- I’m slowly becoming more open to speaking about this, but the stigma around DID still bothers me. One of my alters enjoys roleplay and may be present via the character he’s made- King Sparda, with whom he shares a name. The other is much more reclusive and is unlikely to be seen, unless he is comfortable with you.

With all that said, that’s it! Thank you for reading this far, and again- don’t hesitate to message me if you’re interested in RP.


Rave Reviews

Not only is she great at thinking outstanding plots full of adventure and intrigue, but also, for each RP she partakes in, she brings characters who are well developed and thought out.

Each of her characters has a unique speech, behaviour and personality that bring life and a good dose of humour to any story. Especially recommended for Fantasy RPs among her characters, Katja has a warrior's heart, Iskra is bold and defiant, and the list goes on. Highly recommended for a high quality RP time - Tusitala2017
Strawberry_Champion's characters were one of the first that I interacted with; leaving a lasting impression of what RP's can be like on this site. Their knowledge and writing style is a pleasure to read and keeps the intrigue alive. Their characters add their own special flavor to the mix! :> - Beetlebelle

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