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“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”
Sue Fitzmaurice

───✧ Dante||Strawberry
───✧ He/Him/Himself

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! After ages of bricks of text, I’ve reformatted my profile once again.

I focus on Medieval Fantasy RP, with far too many characters. Some of my favorites include Iskra Sokol, the cold King of the Onyx Bandits, and Katja Sauer- Lady Knight and commander of the Knights of the People. Of course, this isn’t all of them- and I invite you to check out those who interest you!

I’m also an artist and writer- you can find me on Instagram, AO3 and ArtFight as Snakcc_, where I share the copious amounts of OC art I do. I tend to focus on fandom writing on AO3- currently writing a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction based around my character Noen and the search for her family, but I’m looking to expand into more. In regards to my art, I accept commissions! Feel free to PM me- I’m currently redoing my carrd in hopes on making it look better.

Aside from Medieval Fantasy, I write for multiple fandoms including:

───✧ Kingdom Hearts
───✧ Devil May Cry
───✧ My Hero Academia
───✧ Demon Slayer
───✧ Assassins Creed

If any of those interest you, don’t hesitate to message me! I have a slew of OCs and am always excited for RP.

A Breif List of Rules

───✧ I’m not too bothered about ERP/Smut, but I draw a hard no at detailed descriptions of assaults/non/dubcon. This is a severe trigger for me- while I understand it occurs in some stories, please refrain from dragging out scenes or keep them limited to a few sentences. I prefer fade to black if we are not well acquainted with eachother, and even then I do not RP plotless smut, or plots centered around smut.

Aaaaand apparently I just accidentally deleted the rest of this list. I’ll fix that later this week.

Rave Reviews

Strawberry_Champion's characters were one of the first that I interacted with; leaving a lasting impression of what RP's can be like on this site. Their knowledge and writing style is a pleasure to read and keeps the intrigue alive. Their characters add their own special flavor to the mix! :> - Beetlebelle
I've never had the opportunity to roleplay with you, but I know you're a fantastic writer and your characters are incredibly well crafted and thought out. You're an amazing artist and I think anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you is blessed. I hope you never stop creating! Keep up the good work! - Pappkin

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