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“There is One Sky… One Destiny!”

───✧ Dante||Strawberry
───✧ He/Him/Himself

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Time for a brief refresh. Friends call me Dante, Strawberry works too. I’m regularly on and off this site, if we’re friends you’re more than welcome to ask for my Discord information where I am much more active.

I focus on Medieval Fantasy RP, though I also write fandom content (my short list is available at the bottom of this) with characters such as Noen and Arad (who is receiving a refresh soon!). My current favorite characters include the fiercely loyal Lady Helena Brier, and Nova Hyacinth, a short of stature gladiator with the blood of the stars in her veins. Regardless, I always have muse for the variety of characters available in my arsenal- if any of them piques your interest, just reach right out to me!

I’m also an artist and writer- you can find me on Instagram and ArtFight as Snakcc_, where I swing back and forth between fandom art and my piles of OCs- currently fixated on Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, and the XehaQus ship specifically. I tend to focus on fandom writing on AO3, under the same username- but its been a while since I’ve touched the fan fiction I was writing there. I hope to get back to it soon, with a full refresh.

In regards to my art, I accept commissions! Feel free to PM me- I’m currently redoing my carrd in hopes on making it look better.

Aside from Medieval Fantasy, I write for multiple fandoms including:

───✧ Kingdom Hearts My Current Hyperfixation
───✧ Devil May Cry
───✧ My Hero Academia
───✧ Final Fantasy XIV
───✧ Assassins Creed

You’re welcome to reach out to me- my fandom OCs, aside from some special ones, aren’t going to have profiles on here, but I have them kept on my phone and would happily tell you about them. Beware- they are highly detailed, more often than not.

And regardless, even if you’d just like a chat, reach out. I tend to be a very, very slow responder to personal chats until I get more familiar with someone, so be aware of that.

Rave Reviews

I've never had the opportunity to roleplay with you, but I know you're a fantastic writer and your characters are incredibly well crafted and thought out. You're an amazing artist and I think anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you is blessed. I hope you never stop creating! Keep up the good work! - Pappkin
There are quite a few things that make this character as neat as it is. The appearance is unique and pretty well drawn, The backstory held my attention the whole time, an entire page listing their disguises which I respect the absolute heck out of. It's safe to say this character is very creative and one that I had quite a time reading all about! - VanHelsing

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