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Status: Fleshing out a Story for a character via Music inspiration. Also hoping it helps me create the backstory even further

RP Genre's I do:




Romance (?)


Character's for each Genre

-For Science-Fiction , I usually use Oblivion (And/or anyone on his profile page for SCI-FI plot's and If you are interested in me RPing as one of these character's then DM me. And if you want me to RP as someone like Oblivion then I can restrict him so he isn't in 'God-Mode' as I call it.

- Fantasy wise , I do have one character like Solaire. He is a medieval like character and I usually can Rp plot's that consists that can have grim-dark theme's along with fantasy. I haven't RPed as him in a while so I might not do as well.

-For Horror, I have Tsukiyama who has been the only character (cannon wise) that I haven't Role-played as but If you have a few plots for him then go ahead.

- Another Sci-fi character I have , Cronus < is still in development as well but as well as the point above if you have something for this character then go ahead and DM me.

- I also have a few other OC's that I haven't mentioned but feel free to look over at them and if you're interested in wanting me to RP as one of them then feel free to DM me.

Rave Reviews

Although we haven't chatted or role played. They have a outstanding line up of characters. They are truly fabulous in the forums. Truly a shining light in this community. Kind and understanding Helpful - LakotaSiouxWarrior

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