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Won't be doing any RP's Due to work and also due to the fact that I'm trying to rewrite some of my characters backstory and bio.

A calm atmosphere is displayed over the cold night sky,
the moon shadowed of crimson.
The color so dark it reflects off the blade that laid in the hands of a God.

The king with a ruling army of thousands eye shaped of the reflection of the moon,
streaks of red on his blind eye. He yields a blade which slaughtered millions.
He is a new form of power, the opposite of his true self.

A kind , selfless man who had been raised by a tyrant and left alone to stray.
He will in his heart take this man down , if it's the last thing he'll do.
As he's no king , he's a god.

An emperor who reigned over a kingdom of light.
The sun blades as a natural barrier for his thorned crown
which was placed upon his head.
He raised his blade to the sky and commanded his army to find him.

"He is a nuisance." said the emperor to his loyal subjected knights.
"Find him and kill him as he is at absolute and stands in my way."
he continued.

The knights knew of the hatred in the mans eyes for his father,
as it was the same the other man had felt but with his own.
Soon the army in lined with sync marched off leaving the sun at rest.

As the soon eclipse on his side will forge in his favor ,
as so he thought..

A dim light heeds over the cloudy sky
the embers of darkened flames overriding the eclipse of a new moon.
The crown of thorns that float over the kings head above the tips of the caved horns
towards the right of empty eyes lays a dozen corpses of a fallen army

but it was only in a dream where this had happened
it was almost dawn, the king laid powerless as
arrows flared down impaling his body as he fell

It was already almost sunrise where his enemy stood
head tilted a bit , the almost risen sun shadowing the mans evil grin
As he was successful in which the gray moon wasn't
A slew insistence, A mellow tone
The music of the Angel left atone
He stood in the middle of the fight

led by his brothers
Dark and light.

He wished to take the fall
instead of them , but unfortunately
it was too late for him..

A cannibal , A monster with a goal
he left his father , he left his own
raised his own army with delight

took down the others left and right
his anger grew , his sympathy fell
he felt no happiness as he dwelled

he knew it was right for his revenge
as he will take down the god at his last whim.

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