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    Name: Ruka or Ruru if you know me well :)
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Age: 16

Hello! I'm a local trans guy. I have always enjoyed writing and RPing, but I'd like to get better at it, and what better way than a website specifically devoted to all things roleplay? Now, some things about me. :)

- I have a lot of characters, most of them are old reboots. I've been RPing for 8 years now, though I very obviously wasn't good at it then.
- I try to keep as friendly as possible during OOC interactions, often using little emoticons to express my emotions. Because of this, my formality is next to none during those.
- I am still a minor, and I don't want y'all to get in trouble for any potentially risque content. Because of this, past wholesome relationships, I won't do anything that may delve into deeper territory.

Yes to RP:
- Friendly Interactions
- Wholesome Relationships
- Open-World Environments
- NOTE: Violent or cuss-heavy characters are fine with me.
- And more! Just listing off some that I'm interested in/open to.

No to RP:
- 18+ Scenarios
- Combat-Oriented (some fighting is fine, but it shouldn't be the focus)
- Will add more as I explore this website ^^

Songs I like!
  • DECO*27 - ゾンビ
  • DECO*27 - バァンパイア
  • DECO*27 - サラマンダー
  • DECO*27 - アニマル
  • DECO*27 - ゴーストルール
  • DECO*27 - パラサイト
  • DECO*27 - シンデレラ
  • Kairiki Bear - 失敗作少女
  • Kairiki Bear - ダーリンダンス
  • Kairiki Bear - ベノム
  • Takane Lui - オーバード
  • TUYU - 泥の分際で私だけの大切を奪おうだなんて
  • Takayan - どうせ無くなるだけ

Just remember, if you're uncomfortable with me being a minor, it is alright to say no to an RP. I try to be open about these sorts of things due to people's personal preference. If I am uncomfortable about the way an RP is going, I will tell you.

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