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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: February 24

Status update- Back from long ghosting and ready to get back into the swing of things!
Current Mood- Tired

Well not all the Rp, I have some standards but you know what, whatever . . .


Yo! I'm xKeatonx but you can refer to me by any nickname you want. Just don't be too mean about it, I do have feelings. I have been role-playing since the very beginning of middle school, and have a fair amount of experience under my belt. I am almost always open to new Rps, and can easily adjust to other writer's preferences on post length and such. Onwards to the essentials!

Hobbies and Stuff
I am a fairly chill person, and a huge animal lover (especially birds). I enjoy anime, the LoZ series, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, ARK, and tons more. Around my house you will often find me baking sweets, playing with my birds, or getting into a new anime. Don't get me wrong, I like going on hikes too, climbing trees n' stuff, I just do it less often. Obviously, I love to Role play and write. Drawing is fun too, but I'm no good at it. I have a 3DS, and if you ever want to play a round of SSB or some later gen Pokemon, hit me up! I listen to all kinds of music, so if there's a song that's been nagging you, send it over and let me have a listen. Though my free time is often limited, I do love baking. Not only to satisfy my own sweet tooth, but to share as well. If you have good recipes, send em on over! I love anime, and am currently watching several at the moment. If you don't like anime, that's fine, but you're missing out. I sometimes browse the internet for some offensive memes, or the newest Markiplier video. Don't contact me if you have a huge issue with cussing, or are so uptight that you can't take a joke.

Rp Stuff
As a roleplayer I am very tolerant, and open to trying new things. However, I do have preferences of my own, as well as personal rules.
  • Basic rules apply, no godmodding, metagaming, powerplaying, the usual.
  • I do not accept one liner Rps, they are usually crafted with little love and effort, and they do not interest me.
  • I am not accepting smutty Rps. Romance is fine, and sexual themes are fine, but when things get too steamy, fade to black is needed to keep people out of trouble legally. Nudity is fine, as humans aren't born with clothes on their backs.
  • Though I am fine with short Rps, I require at least a paragraph or so. I prefer longer in most cases, but I understand that can intimidate people.
  • I don't Rp with Mary Sues. The same goes for characters that are designed to be perfect, or ungodly gorgeous. It's annoying, and I don't appreciate it.
  • If you have questions, or are unsure about something regarding my characters, don't be afraid to ask, I don't bite too often
  • I love descriptions and details, but don't get so carried away with them that your responses don't actually have progression, I need something to reply to, not just read.
  • Understand that I have a life outside of RpR, and I can't always respond in a timely fashion. If you keep bumping for replies, I will drop the Rp after a quick warning
  • No matter the category, there needs to be realism involved. I'm not saying no magic, I love magic, but keeps things real. (ex; Characters need to eat and sleep, a character who doesn't brush their hair regularly does not always have beautiful luscious locks, a character who has sustained injury should be effected by it, [don't injure characters for pity points], weapons must be sharpened, ect)
  • I love horror, but if violence is a part of the Rp, keep it realistic. Unless your character is superhuman in some way, you don't get an arm chopped off and wrap it up like a burrito and expect bleeding to stop just like that. The opposite applies, if your character gets stabbed in the hand, don't make it look like fountains of blood, and a dying convulsing character. The body is stronger than you think.
  • I oftentimes use dark themes in Rp, including abuse, suicide, and other things of the like. Things like that happen in real life, so I believe it isn't out of place in the Rp universe (especially in horror). However, I can tone these subjects down if you are sensitive.
  • I am perfectly fine with MxM and FxF, but not all my characters are open to those options, or romance in general, keep in mind.
  • Please don't message that you want to Rp, without any idea of the character, plot, or genre you are looking for. I'm not a fan of designing the Rp for you, but I do love to discuss and develop ideas you have!
  • I really prefer third person, first person makes it feel like a narrative, which it isn't. Make sure to remember the separate realms of IC and OOC
  • Lastly, no grammar Nazis please. Typos happen, people make mistakes, conditions aren't always ideal. If you want to be an ass and nitpick, do that elsewhere.

None of the pictures in the profiles of my characters are mine, they are simply used as references. Also, all of my characters are undergoing construction, and many will either be altered or deleted, but trust me it's for the better.

I am UNDER THE AGE OF 18, but don't you dare judge my writing skills because of that! I get straight A's and have been writing for about six years now.


Latino Jesus
Totally loves meh
Fellow Mental
Legendary Moth
Dank babadook


Rave Reviews

  • This is one puu you do not wanna miss out on.
    I have quite a lot of fun here, and...believe it or not, Keaton here was among the first to actually drive forth my charas' evolution...and that is a record and a half. Makes me feel bad for breaking Seto's heart, but...
    -- Xenoworlds_BEYOND
  • Keaton is possibly the most mature 15 year old I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, they are kind, smart and full of surprises. As far as RP goes they will surprise you with well written characters and beautifully sculpted posts as well as characters that go...
    -- Kruhee

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