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Copper_Dragon » Characters

Biker Johann

Male A rough'n'tough biker with a surprising amount of scruples and more than a few bones to pick 'em with

Johann Malagrav

Male Roguishly charming but horrendously cynical, this elven emissary is almost perpetually two steps away from putting the 'ass' back into 'ambassador'.

Lady Lauren Forest

Female A strange, adventerous young woman who, by her style of clothing, must be of some importance--if her penchant for swearing doesn't dissuade you from the inkling first!


Male Falling off of high ledges from percariously placed platforms since '98!

Sir Draconus Forest

Male A former forthright paladin of law and honor, learning to be free from a gilded cage with its doors wide open


Male The talking Haunter with a taunting streak as expansive as the water routes of Hoenn

The Corporal

Male The judge pulls me aside, says, “C'est la vie. Let your darker side come out to feed.”

The Forest Triplets

Unknown Three adorable kiddens

The Notorious Pyrate Forest

Male What do you do with a drunken sailor? Hang him over the open maw of a dragon 'till he sobers up.


Female A bubbly, adventurous fae