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I'm one of the site's moderators, and I've been doing this kind of work somewhat on and off for a few years now. It's something I enjoy doing a lot. <3 If you ever need a question answered or a problem addressed, I'm one of your go-to folks!

Outside of moderation, I work a full week's worth in good ol' retail, in a shoe department! "Shoenanigans" are often at play there.

And beyond all of that, I'm a huge gamer. Pokémon, TES, Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda, and Megaman are my favorite series.

Rave Reviews

Lauren is such a delightful character to play with. Just when you think you've figured this faun out, she'll surprise you with something else. Her development is rich and always ongoing as her life unfolds! - Heimdall
Johann is a grumpy character who doesn't seem to want to be happy. So far the character has been intriguing and Copper is great at using him to push the plot forward! - TheLily

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