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Why is the RPR awesome? You meet cool people that end up as good friends! The Lolren was one of those people in my case. As far as RP goes, she's got a selection of great, creative and well-played characters. When I grow up I want to be just like her! Except, you know, still a dude. - SeraphicStar
Copper's sense for fairness and her gentleness are what make her not only a truly awesome individual, but also an amazing asset to the moderator team. She always has something nice and encouraging to say no matter what! Her roleplaying skills are exquisite and not taking a moment to ask her for a game is an experience lost on the RPR. - Sanne

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  • Slice of Twelfth Birthday Cake
    Copper_Dragon earned 47 points during Epic Week 2022, did 83 damage and contributed 4 items to the armory!(About 2 weeks 2 days ago)