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sheriff malacharv makes me feel funny in my pants
also hes a wonderfully played character with a lot of wits and snark about him, but definitely doesnt shirk the dark side of the world of darkness
hes wonderfully complex and it always feels like im learning new things about him every time we play!
his player is one of my close friends and is extremely sweet and friendly. if anybody needs some sort of reason to come talk to and play with this person, this is it! - tzi
Despite being a Copper Dragon, she has always struck me as one of the most human people I've met on the 'net. From our first conversation, Copper has always felt so real and complete to me it was almost like I had met her in RL once before and now we were running into each other online. It's just something about the way she carries herself and interacts that's very genuine. I find that really relaxing and unusual. - Kim

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