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_Skylark_ » Characters

Charlotte Indigo Nash

Female "Alright - maybe don't get too close just yet."

Fienda la Mantia

Genderqueer "There's a lot that people don't quite understand."

Jack Wright

Gender Questioning "You've just gotta take it step by step 'til it gets a little easier."

Joseph 'Sab' Nash

Male "The way I see it, there ain't no use livin' for owt but yasen."


Agender A lost cryptid that's a sponge for information.

Paulie Beaman

Cisgender Man "I'm sure I can fix it if I just try a little harder..."

Rebecca 'Bex' Perry

Cisgender Female "What's that look for? Are you scared?"

Secondary Characters

Other For all the secondary characters I couldn't be bothered to make a main page for.

Solomon Taylor

Male "Just shut up, and leave me the hell alone."