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Sky | She/Her | UK | 25
My Sis

|| ・゚ *✧ ||AFK|| ✧* ・゚ ||

ACTIVE - online and will reply!
WORKING - at work, may be inactive.
ANXIETY - bad mental health day, will be flaky; sorry!
AFK - inactive, will likely not reply.

-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

|| My timezone in case you're waiting for replies ||


Hello and welcome! Hope you're having a good day! Click below for more info :)

Feel free to message me about anything at all - I'll always usually reply!

I update my status a lot so, if you've friended me, feel free to switch notifications for it off if it gets annoying. Just a heads-up :)

All of my character's face claims (and my profile pic) are generated using AI art programs!


RP Info


What to Expect From Me
[*] Novel-style, multi-para replies. I can go shorter (~200+ words) or longer (~2000+ words) depending on your preferences, or anything in between. I'm not keen on one sentence RP, though. Sorry, that's just my own personal preference. I'll generally try to length match :)

[*] I'm very easily distracted and so may take a while to reply. Sometimes up to a week. If it's longer, please, please don't be afraid to give me a gentle nudge. I do update my status regularly on my profile so you're likely to see on there if I'm up to replying or not. If my mental health dips I'm likely to vanish for a few days.

[*] On the other hand - get me on a good day and I'll reply multiple times in as many hours. No pressure to do the same, though!

[*] I'm ghosting friendly! I know sometimes the RP fizzles out - or maybe you're really busy, or don't feel like writing. Whatever the case, please don't feel like you need to provide me with an explanation. If you don't reply after a few weeks, I'll assume that the RP is closed until you're ready and I likely won't bother you.

[*] IMPORTANTLY: if you do end up ghosting and you want to RP with me again in the future, that's totally fine! No hard feelings at all. No blacklisting from me or anything like that; we're all here to have fun, after all! I won't hold a grudge unless someone's being creepy or mean to me 😅

[*] Though some of my characters are... not always the nicest... I myself am an extrovert who loves making friends. Please feel free to talk to me OOC, ask questions, tell me about your life, whatever! I'm always happy to meet new people. If you would prefer not to talk OOC though, that's ok too! Just let me know your preference if you want :)

[*] I do not RP NSFW/ERP/kink. A solid no. I'll do fade to black if it's a romantic RP; I'm fine with anything but actually seeing it written out. Eurgh. It feels weird to me personally and makes me very uncomfortable. Spring it on me without warning and I'm outtie - no excuses - sorry.

[*] I really only do OC RPs. I'm not a fan of fandom RP and canon universes. However, I will RP anthro/animal characters, including pre-existing anthro/feral forms of my current characters. So just ask!

[*] I'm happy to RP with characters without face claims, without details, or if you just want to build your character throughout the RP. Conversely, I'll happily change my lads (within reason) to fit in with your ideas.

What I Expect From You
[*] To be 18+. This is for RP partners mainly but obviously I won't ever RP anything dodgy with underage characters either, even if the player is 18+. Please don't lie about being of age to me. It's not fair. I RP some dark and mature themes and I don't want any younger folks being affected by that. I plan to get verified soon, too.

[*] Should you reach out on anon, I'm taking it as you've read this disclaimer, agreed, and so you're over eighteen. As there's no way to tell your age on anon, I'm having to leave it entirely in your hands, so I trust people on that one.

[*] Please don't bug me about replies. Please? 🥺 Feel free to ask about it, but not constantly. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I'm too low, sometimes I'm busy... It could be a lot of things, mostly personal. That being said, I always try not to ghost and will try and let you know if I'm gonna be inactive.

[*] Also, sometimes I don't feel up to replying but will still doss round in forum games and on the site itself. Please don't hold that against me, it isn't anything against you. Sometimes my muses are just lazy buggers!

[*] Please don't GM or try to perma-kill my lads. No consent is needed to do most things (again- absolutely no NSFW non-con) but maiming and killing? Please ask me. I'm likely to say yes. Well - maybe not to the killing part. And, hey - FWIW, if we get really close, and you know my characters well, then you know what? Feel free to dabble with my consent! But only then ☺️

[*] IC = / = OOC!! I'm not my characters. I have a long term partner, so any IC relationships are purely just that. In reality, I'm 4ft 9, cry when I see a cute dog and just want to make people smile. I guess out of my own characters, I'm most like this ditz. I don't like doing self inserts, even if my charas all have a little bit of me in them (which, I think, is common!)

[*] Please don't think that, should I ghost you, it's a statement on you as a writer - or the RP itself. If I agree to RP with you, it's because you are a good writer and I'm excited about the concept of the RP. Even if I drop off, this doesn't mean that I wasn't enjoying it. I don't ever want anyone's feelings to be hurt just because my mental health and my muse is fickle 💕

[*] Have a good time with our RPs :) That's what they're there for, after all!

Character Info

Sol ☕
My problematic fav. Sol is my oldest character and my golden boy. Always open, and always his prickly and grumpy self. I cannot understate how much I love using Sol. Feel free to let my intrepid psychologist try to puzzle out your characters.

Jack ✨
A total sweetheart and one of my three oldest characters in terms of how long I've had them. I'm dabbling more in the fantasy aspects of him, these days. He's an empath first, and a showman second. Always open, just ask.

My lovely British metalhead. This guy is close to my heart, and if you've ever been to a metal concert, you'll have met someone like Sab. The guy that eagerly gets in the middle of the mosh pit, but still makes sure to help people up before they're trampled. Always open, and I absolutely adore playing Sab and Jack together because they are a pair.

Inds 🎨
Sab's younger sister, though I'm trying to flesh her out as her own person. I haven't played her at all, yet. I would like the chance to use her alongside her brother though - a sort of 'estranged family meeting' thing. Indie is tentatively open.

Fie 🪦
My most supernatural chara. Fie is a literal ghost. I'm still working on his backstory - another tentatively open chara, but I love my spooky guy.

Beaman 🐾
A revamped, very old character. Beaman is fairly new, and I am still working him out, but I think he would fit into less modern/more fantasy styles too - which is nice! He's a bit underdeveloped as of yet, but that's okay.

Bex 🌕
Ornery Werewolf.. Not really sure what to do with her, yet, but I like to mess around with werewolf lore. She's open, but she's nebulous and I'm looking to play around and develop her if I do use her.

Omhi 🦌
Making a cryptid is ambitious, for me. I'm still working on them, but I'm feeling positive! If you have any ideas, please do reach out.

A little about me!
[*] I'm a huge fan of rock, metal, punk pop, and am always going to concerts. Always open to song suggestions!

[*] I'm a generally open and friendly person. I like to chat in-between RP, but I'm cool not to either. Up to you! Though I do use "haha" too much I'm sorry--and I apologise too much whoops-

[*] Night Vale is my biggest love - apart from my irl partner.

[*] Proudly asexual. Always up to connect with other acespec folks.

[*] I'm very anxious, sorry! I'll always want to make sure my RP partner is happy, and I hate to offend. Please let me know if I've ever done anything wrong.

[*] Please let me know if you ever need anything! If we get to know one another, I'll be happy to call you a friend!

[*] I love my characters. They're very special to me. Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome, as are comments and even compliments if you feel like they're deserving of them! Please tell me everything about yours, too. You might see me refer to my 'core' three OCs as 'the lads', 'the boys', 'the kids'... Long story but old habits die hard.

[*] As mentioned - I have a weird work schedule and weird muses!! I might go days without responding. I'm really sorry. Please give me a gentle nudge if I do it.

[*] A very, very slim chance - but possibly people might remember me from my dA RP days. Not likely, but hey. You'll recognise the lads - you'll definitely recognise Sol if you knew me back then. If so - hi! I've missed you! Please reach out :)

Face claims, images and my profile picture are all generated using Nightcafe and ArtBreeder - hopefully I'm allowed to use these here, I looked through the rules but if I'm not please let me know and I'll remove. They aren't exact yet, so they will likely change. Thank you!

-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-


Genuinely just obsessed over MAG and WTNV. Two queer cryptids with too many eyes. Please PM me if you want to discuss them because they're the best horror podcasts out there 👁️

-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-

ʀ ʟɪɪɴɢ ʟɪ ʜ ɪ ʀ ʜʀ? ʀ ɴ. ɴʀ ʀ. ʙ ʜ ɴ ʜ ʀɪɢʜ Qɪɴ. ʜ Qɪɴ ɪ: ʀ ʟɪɪɴɢ ʟɪ ʜ ɪ ʀʜ ʜ ʜʀ?

- Welcome to Night Vale (EP 46) -

Rave Reviews

What good can't be said about Skylark? She brought the best games to the Forum as of late with the best prompts, then wrote some great entries with delightful entries of her own! Her characters are wonderful, so deeply thought out, and has that unique perspective as well as depth. Just reading her entries on Forum Games make me light up in joy! I love seeing her characters interact with others. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - hexblading
Definitely a solid RPer with a wide variety of different characters to suit different RPs. 9.9/10 would HIGHLY recommend. Helpful Wonderful writer - VoliminalVerse

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