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Spider » Characters

Clarissa Lucard

Intersex A born vampire unafraid of the sun with powers of flame and an affection to fighting, tasked with ending the war between angels and demons.

Eoin Drake

Male His dream was to join the anti-werewolf organisation to protect his kingdom. Upon discovering that he had been lied to about their nature, he defected to help them survive instead.

Seth Lucard, Serah Lucard

Two-spirit Twins sharing the same body due to magic are killed and turned into vampires. Now, they hunt their brother's murderer.

Victor Klein

Male A veteran suffering from PTSD and abandoned by his wife takes solace in alcohol, until a mysterious young girl with powers suddenly arrives in his home...

Wilvaren Knight

Male Tagline

Zer Moneim-Sørensen

Other A human mutant with the power to alter age struggles to balance their morality and their craving to induce fear.