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silentruth » Characters

Aatiq Timsina

Transfeminine Live free or die (or run away, or whatever seems best at the moment)

Adler Vhiski

Male People inherently seek out opportunities to learn and become better and kinder. (Idealist, Scribe)

Aldrea Vhiski

Female Guilt is a waste of time. Don't insult the person you were when you made that decision. (Protector, Brawler)

Anigaia Farai Earthgaard

Female Everything worth knowing can be found in things that grow (Intellectual, Lycan)

Dallas Gold

Gender Nonconforming You say 'Go Fast', I say "Hold on tight'

Dmitra Black

Gender Nonconforming 'Obsessed' is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated (Ruthless, Fixer)


Male I’d consider all the splendor and beauty of this world and my place in it and then BAM! Roadkill! Or I’d get distracted by a Pizza Hut sign.

Kaoru Javier Unfrid

Male Don’t pace yourself. Just go until you fall over. We’ll pick you up. (Diplomat, Agent)

Keiko Irikah

Female Anyone who wishes to better themselves is under my guard. (Soldier, Paladin)


Male Sometimes protecting beauty requires a little rage (Haunted, Warrior)

Kwon Joon Ho

Male Curiosity hasn't killed this cat yet (Gifted, Engineer)

Rye Earthgaard

Male Everything worth knowing can be found in things that grow (Spiritual, Witch)

Uriah Tanguy