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Please call me silent. She/Her. Anything else, you can always ask, and I (respectfully) may not always answer.

Art! @ The Easel: All Ages, free to join, all mediums
Planet 56: Original and Fandom, Sci fi, Paranormal, Modern, 21+

“But in the end, stories are about one person saying to another: This is the way it feels to me. Can you understand what I’m saying? Does it feel this way to you?” — Kazuo Ishiguro

RP Details

- My Posts: Alternating length (~3-6 para). Always adjust to match. Daily-Weekly.

- Content: Original, any genre. Will match in detail and content. I avoid sexual violence in my stories.

- ID: All OCs are queer. All genders. Most are neurodivergent, have some kind of disability, often substance use, etc. If you have prejudice against any of this, steer clear. Oh, Asian names are listed Last name first.

- Location: Adult Group forums & PM for RP. I'll discord for OOC, or google docs for planning, but I prefer to stay on RPR.

- 21+ ONLY: IC & OOC, preferably no anon

- Your posts: Do not feel you need to match my pace. I don't care about post length as long as it's clear you read my posts.

- OOC: I have a million ideas, but not a big plotter. Unless it's a squick or trigger, I will work with anything you post. You do not need to run everything by me (I will ask for clarification if needed, and I expect you to do the same).

THAT BEING SAID: I'd prefer that we over explain character motivations and plans, to avoid miscommunication and assumptions. Writing styles differ, and words have connotations that are not consistent across the board. I want to know I'm picking up what you're putting down, and vice versa.

Seriously, if there's a (narrative) thread you want me to pull for the plot or Y/C, and I didn't see it, OOC tell me about it. If I know my character well enough, I can give them enough motivation to do anything that would result in developing your world/plot/character - I believe that is my responsibility as a player.

- Credit: Images on character profiles are real life face claims, commissioned art (always credited) or portraits generated via artbreeder.
Where to Find Them

I generally only friend those I RP with to keep my notifications manageable. Feel free to msg me though!

Rave Reviews

Silent answered the first lfrp thread I tried on this site, AND MAN AM I GLAD SHE DID. Super flexible and patient, with incredibly graceful writing that will help you build a compelling narrative! Many-faceted npc perspectives and fully dimensional characters, AND harbors no prejudice against tropes. Absolute powerhouse. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - oven
SO glad i met Silent, they are a treat to roleplay with! you can really tell Silent thinks about their posts with attention to detail and story-moving dialogue. i would check every single box, but the creativity and writing skills shine. thank you for a brilliant story Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DoogieMeowser

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