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Lanx12 » Characters


Male Kitsune

Alexander Saber

Male A Divine Knight

Aodhan Carrick

Male Prodigy Adventurer

Archer VanCliff

Male Demon Hunter


Male An Elven lord

Avery Underhill

Male Skilled Blacksmith

Bartholomew Williams

Male Owner of Williams Imports and Exports

Cid Myers

Male Gifted Mechanic and Racer

Collette Williams

Transexual Nurse in training with a surprise

Dale Lekke

Male Shunned Hero

Davenport Family

A Family of heros.

David Hope

Male Singer, Songwriter

Empress Evilyn Dracon

Female Empress of Anor's Empire

Finn O'Hara

Male A Father first An Assassin Second.

Glenn Eastbrook

Male A doctor with a secret

Jack Ryan

Male A merc for hire

James Hayworth

Male Pirate, Sky Pirate

Jean-Luc Altiar

Male An Oceanographer

Lawrence Hastings

Male A man whom is more than he seems

Marcus DeSanta

Male Business Owner

Markus Hayworth

Male Hero

Raz Ahmud

Male A master Wizard

Samuel Neil

Male A loyal butler

Sean Palmer

Male Treasure Hunter

Vladimir Constantin

Male Vampire Lord