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Auroverse NPCs

Gender Variant ❓ The person who runs locales.


Female 🧭 The navigator who searches stars.

Cinder of the Ifrit

Female πŸ”₯ The djinn who lashes fire.

Crystallis Changewing

Female 🐟 The dragon who changes wings.

Damien Chase

Male πŸ’Έ The mercenary who tracks fortune.

Griffin Drake

Male 😈 The angel who raises hell.


Female πŸ”— The creature who links scars.

Izabelle Geiste

Female πŸ‘» The assassin who hunts ghosts.


Male πŸ”Œ The scientist who engineers traps.

Jeremy Paige

Male ☁️ The pilot who pierces skies.

Liliane Black

Female 🐍 The sorcerer who rouses serpents.

Lynx Blackclaw

Male βš—οΈ The alchemist who siphons blood.

Mako Jadejaw

Male 🦈 The pirate who plunders shallows.

Noah Harrison

Male ⏳ The mage who chases time.

Penelope Quillen

Female 🧬 The doctor who mutates biology.


Female 🌸 The raptor who races sand.

Samantha Sykes

Female 🦾 The agent who tempers strife.

Silver Zenith

Male πŸ’€ The revenant who fells giants.

Sophie Sanders

Female πŸ‘₯ The urchin who signs shadows.


Female ✨ The charlatan who slips knots.

Virion Rexus

Male 🦠 The vagabond who quells virals.

Willow Woods

Female πŸ•ΈοΈ The witch who weaves fates.

Winston White

Male πŸ•ŠοΈ The vigilante who spins signals.