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What's up, worlds? Y'all can call me CD!

Creative content has been my passion for ten years.
Right now, I'm majoring in media & entertainment.
I love to write, edit, and animate in my free time.

Hit me up on Discord if you have any questions!

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CD was my first introduction to roleplaying over a decade ago, and to this day Iā€™m glad I met her. She is so creative and clever, her characters are unique and full of personality, and she is a fantastic and experienced writer. She has tons of fleshed out settings to play around with for any scenario, and I look forward to many more years of roleplaying together! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Skyran
Lynx (played by CrystalDisc)
Don't let the term villain deceive you; Lynx has so much more to him, he's an absolutely precious character to RP with. From his thoroughly well built history that took him to be the man he is today, to his brilliant characterization, there's never a dull moment with him! He is absolutely fun (in his own morbid way), and his thoughts and impressions range from observant to spirited to laid-back. I can't wait to interact with him more! Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - cri86titanium

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