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This is the darkest night.
Stars have all faded away.
Quiet upon this world.


What's up, worlds? Y'all can call me CD!

Auroverse has been my life and passion for over ten years, starting back when it was just a single, playable adventure series I made within a game. Right now, I'm a media and entertainment college student working a part-time job on campus, and I love to write, draw, and host movie nights in my free time, as well as raise insects.

Hit me up on Discord if you have any questions! I'm always looking to connect with people, be they from my past or present.

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Through the clouds there is a light.
We will find our way.


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CD is an incredible writer. Not just for her well-crafted and GOOD GOOD prose, but for her in-depth character development and amazing world building, too! Her boys and girls are tragic, funny, and occasionally VERY dunkable, plus her monster-filled universe makes an amazing sandbox to play in. ðŸ’‒

Basically, all y'all should give this lady some love, and probably a book deal. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - RPJEANS
Ho-lee-hell. I got the opportunity to have Damien in a RP and needless to say, I had a blast! He's an absolutely hilarious character, positively oozing with personality. No matter the situation, he's bound to make it fun! - GingerHades

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  • cri86titanium gave CrystalDisc kudos:
    You know how sometimes you don't need to know a person for long time to immediately connect with them? That's how meetinc CD was for me. She's a fantastic person, a great roleplayer and a dedicated and skilled GM. But most of everything, she's grown to be a true friend. I love the interactions with her unique cast of characters and all the plots we have come up with, and I'll forever be thankful to her for introducing me to the AV. Shine on, my pal! <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas
    (About 3 hours ago)
  • LadyDeliz gave CrystalDisc kudos:
    CrystalDisc is a loyal friend, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is very easy to talk to! I enjoy our chats immensely, in and OOC. If you're looking for someone who is passionate about art, writing, characters, and RP, you'll get along great with CD. Creative ideas Long-term partner
    (About 1 day 3 hours ago)
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