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This is the darkest night.
Stars have all faded away.
Quiet upon this world.

- - - - -

Hey! Y'all can call me CD.

I'm mostly here to store my character sheets. The important stuff's already laid out, but the hard part is finding and scaling all those pretty pics. That said, a lot of them are still a work-in-progress, but they're getting there!

I love to plot. Shoot me your ideas! Even if I'm not readily available to RP, let's talk about our characters.

Anyways, take anything on here with a grain of salt. I like to update every now and then!


- - - - -

Through the clouds there is a light.
We will find our way.

- - - - -

Rave Reviews

I'm fully positive that if an admirably friendly attitude and unmatched creativity had a child, CD would be it! RPing with this fantastic writer is an absolute joy, with both the IC and OOC part of things loaded to the brim with pure awesomeness! Their characters, main or side, are compelling and breathe depth and originality, and to accompany the fascinating happenings they introduce with each post, there's always a laid-back crystal circle in the OOC bit to hype, chat & vibe with. Cheers, bro! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - GarnaalProductions
CD is an amazing writer and storyteller! They had no trouble keeping up with my character and my frequent updates and my wonky schedule! They're a beautiful story teller and their characters are some of the best I've seen. I feel extremely lucky to have found them!

They also have the snazziest profiles I've ever seen. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Rabbiit

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