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What's up, worlds? Y'all can call me CD!

Creative content has been my passion for over ten years. Right now, I'm a student majoring in media and entertainment. I love to write, edit, and animate vectors in my free time.

Hit me up on Discord if you have any questions! I'm always looking to connect with people from my past or present.

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Rave Reviews

CD is kind, friendly, and fun to talk to! Her characters are colorful, varied and always a real pleasure to haras- I mean hang out with! Not only is she she an amazing writer and wonderful GM, but she introduced me to a whole new circle of friends. The shenanigans which are still following have led to some of the most fun and unforgettable moments of my roleplaying years. I couldn't have asked for a better stranger to slide into my DMs at 12 in the morning. Happy birthday, CD! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - DazzlingDragon
RARELY do you meet such a powerhouse of creativity. CD has not only an entire WORLD in their back pocket, but nigh-innumerable extremely cool characters. also, they draw??? really spectacularly cool things that you should look at.

CD is clearly someone who was born to write and create. additionally, they are so so so super fun, friendly, and sweet. rarely have i met someone whose personality shines through so clearly through text. all in all, one rad nerd. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - fig

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