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KingTai » Characters

Bishop Lynch

Male Loving father, Bachelor, Business man, Gangster

Calloway Brothers

Male It's not easy being brothers but nothing will break them.

Captain Supremo

Male A hero willing to bear the whole world on his shoulders

Davarius Hicks

Male Great Power, new responsibilities

Denaris Tenaroc

Male Modern day werewolf with swag and drama

Elias Roman Domingo Varela

Male I don't know what the hell I am now, but I'm afraid of what I will do.

Giles of Davencher

Male Great warrior with hopes to ascend into the celestial realm

Goodhue Family

The sweet family of salt


Male He was given a second chance and now he makes the most of it.

Keya Venberos

Female An elf woman searching for her place in the world.

Kriang Sak

Male One kick, one punch, one fight at a time

Nokio Pride

Male A troubled young man who seeks vengeance.

Parelle Graham

Male A man willing to fight for civilian life.

Sandrine's Crew

Female Sweet, Sensitive, and Stupidly Strong

Simeon Monticello

Male A man that has everything...but the love of his life.

Sucker Punch and Vendetta Inc.

Male Oh...there's restrictions? Well.... #%@$ YOU!!

Xavier Blackwell

Male I'm part alien now...get used to it.

Yami Ambrosia and Co

Other Her music is good for the soul and twice as deadly


Male With his cursed poison spear, Yanzu gladly accepts any challenge that comes his way