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Michael147 » Characters

Ako Tamaki

Female A Sexy Gamer Girl.


Female A wondering warrior woman, searching for a purpose.

Isabella Purcell

Female A dedicated maid saerching for her big break.


Female A Mysterious Jungle Huntress, Stalking her next Prey.

Lycia Agidar

Female A lone beast girl, hunting for a mate to call her own.

Marisa 'Dolly' Lockheart

Female A Nurse with a Kinky Secret.

Michiko Hatsuyo

Female An Asylum Patient who just wants love.


Female A teenage girl with mystical space power who combats enemies in a biorobotic armored suit.

Sayo Hitsugi

Female A Nurse by Day. An Assassin by Night.

Sophia Marie Leroux II.

Female A proud matriarch, who will do anything for her Kingdom and Country.