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Freyya » Characters

Akina Faus

Female Bloodmage with good intentions

Alain Durand

Male A specialist who doesn't deny a single mission

Amia Fawne

Female A girl, alone in the post-apocalyptic landscape. She has no family left as far as she knows.

Anya Valeriya

Female A young women who is alone with others...

Berg'inyon of the house Argith

Male bouny hunter on the loose.


Female An outcast angel who fights three enemies

Dave Jameson

Male A young tracer who likes a challenge or two.

Jayce Willow

Male A boy who has been born blind. Brother to Joanne Willow

Joanne Willow

Female An unwilling huntress

Kayleigh Simmons

Female An orphan forced to take care of herself.

Lancelyn Fawkes

Male A Runaway Half-dragon

Revanna D'Islar

Female Created by angels to helpserve justice to evil in any form.

The Walker

Male A mysterious man who fights for what he holds right.


Male A space captain with a mission.

Vierrynne Arabatlar

Female A young Drow girl promised to a man she doesn't want to marry.


Female A girl, posessed by a dark presence...