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Zelphyr » Characters


Agender "What do you need me to be?"

Asher Harbrook

Male Kind. Witty. Relaxed. Might join a rebellion.

Chasu Maru

Unknown Marvelous marauding magician!

Gregor Moretti

Male A coldhearted killer and skilled actor who specializes in taking down supernatural beings, despite being a mere human.

Indigo Magenta

Gender Nonconforming "Honey, it's an aesthetic."


Male Hey diddle diddle, here's death by a fiddle

Kyra Lo'ora

Female An exiled Sand Elf who still enjoys a good fight.



Panther Corps

Other A bright future-building company with a very dark secret.

Sarí Lin'oen

Female A Sand Elf who works hard to take care of her clan.

Taryn Nix

Demigirl A creature borne of shadows and magic whose entertainment comes at the expense of others.

The Alabaster Princess

Female Elegant, polite, commanding, adventurous

The Black Orchid

Female A black marketeer who favors plants over humanoid interaction.

The Wild Boy

Male A small boy with animal-like behavior.


Female A naive, bubbly little squirrel girl.