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  • Gender: Demigirl
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: October 27

D r e a m s | d o | c o m e | t r u e.


Hi I'm Lou and I'm a nerd.
Please call me Lou, Tiny, or Centaur. Or any nickname you see fit.

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About The Centaur

I'm a panromantic pansexual with a high preference for girls. I'm also an artist who draws cute things. And character designs I guess.

I am an artist who wishes to create a webcomic which is mostly slice of life, involves a bunch of cute nerds who go on a quest to become their world's protectors. All very fluffy and fun loving. And that's all I will say for now I guess.
I do have profiles for these characters on here too, along with a few others that will appear in my webcomic who I have a lot of muse for.

I am a giant lover of high fantasy, so please give me your dragons, elves, centaurs and anything else of the like. I am a massive fan of people's own fantasy species too! I have a few of my own who are based on already existing creatures, but altered to fit my world's needs!

I've been roleplaying for a good 7 years now. I'm no professional. I just love to indulge in worlds of pure, exciting fantasy! Though I do tend to write paragraphs, I am also fine with descriptive script role-plays as well! (One liners aren't really my thing though.)

I am a very anxious individual, and I suffer from social anxiety. However I have found RPR has helped in building a more confident me!

While this is the internet, and I cannot truly know who everyone I speak to is, if you do wish to RP with me, I do not want to RP anyone older than 28. For comfort reasons.
But if you and I have chatted a bit in the past and you're older than that, I might make exceptions. Not everyone is the same after all.

When it comes to RP, I am a giant lover of creating several universes for my OCs, so no one OC has one lover belonging to another role-player, but instead, have several AUs in which they have other lovers belonging to other players, if that makes sense. I don't like to limit my character to having one ship, and I want to be able to provide all sorts of ships to my partners!
However this won't stop my characters from writing journals for their experiences in RPs. Hehe.

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RP Rules

I allow
[*] My Character being made older/younger depending on the purpose of the RP.
[*] My Character getting into violence situations.
[*] My Character getting into sexual situations.
[*] My Character getting into romance.
[*] Species change of my character to fit a certain setting.
[*] Species change of my character during an RP if it happens.
[*] Long term RPs with this character.
[*] Short term RPs with this character.
[*] My Character's Family being altered to suit your characters/or the needs of the RP.

I do not allow.
[*] Rape.
[*] God Modding.
[*] Anything to do with body waste.
[*] Gore. (Blood, however is fine.)
[*] Sci-Fi AUs
[*] Modern AUs
[*] My Character getting into a romance with someone under the age of 18.
[*] Personality Changes for my character.
[*] Sexuality Changes for my character.

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My Art Blog |
All Age RP Search | 18+ RP Search

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Jam of the Moment

Memes, yes?

This is my doggo, Dolly. Drawn perfectly by Sasheth!

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Sheep sheep sheep, it's time for sleep.
Rest your head. It's time for bed.
In the morning, you may wake.
Or in the morning, you'll be dead.

Rave Reviews

  • i've only seen this fabulous lass around for a couple weeks, but already their enthusiastic involvement in the community is clear to see! spreading sparkles of joy wherever they go, and keeping us supplied with daily doses of adorable (centaurable?) art, i'm glad to welcome Tiny to the meme team. <3
    -- rat
  • They are the cutest bean like ever and their art is so magnificent my heart hurts because I like zilch money, but they are kind enough to give me advice on my art <3
    -- IrraticXylophone

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