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Okay, so Valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year, mostly because theres so much love going on around all of us! Since I was born in the month of February, its only natural for me to love the holiday~! I want to get in the mood of the holiday and start up a romance rp. Basically I do mainly fantasy, and I'm willing to do one with all my characters! Just tell me if your interested!
I got a few Prince's that could use some love.

im a feb baby to feb 4th
Hey I was born in February too! Actually, today's my birthday :) pretty much any of my characters except Ceilibell and Jennine are up to a romance RP.
Its nice to see some February born people! ^^

@Sweetyceltic: Are all your guys princes? And is there a specific one that you want to use?

@Tolora: Happy late birthday! (Wish I had seen your post yesterday >.<) Any specific character you would like to use?

Also, Happy Valentines Day!
only a few are and id like to use Audric as hes the sweetest.
Okay! Is it fine if I use Hazuki then?
fine with me, will you start it?
Sure, I'll put down the Link afyer I'm done! ^^

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